The 16 billion national reserve forest project settled in Nanxiong, Guangdong

Seetao 2021.08.05
  • This project is of great significance for driving local economic development and promoting forestry modernization

Green water and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan. On August 4, 2021, 7 companies including Nanxiong Municipal People’s Government, Nanxiong State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd. and China Chemical Transportation Construction Group Co., Ltd. successfully signed a national reserve forest and industrial supporting construction project with a total investment of approximately 16 billion yuan Investment agreement. The project is located in Nanxiong, which will effectively promote the development of Nanxiong's primary, secondary and tertiary industries and accelerate the valuing of resources and assets, help Shaoguan City create a carbon peak carbon neutral pilot demonstration zone, and accelerate the realization of green and low-carbon development.

Project Overview

Nanxiong National Reserve Forest and Industrial Supporting Construction Projects include three sub-projects: National Reserve Forest Construction, National Forest Health Base, National (Nanxiong) Forestry Biological Industry Base and Headquarters Base Construction. Among them, the afforestation scale of the national reserve forest construction project is about 380,000 mu, which will further optimize the structure of tree species, improve the quality of forests, and increase the reserves of large diameter and precious tree species; the national forest health care base project mainly includes restoration of the ecological environment and construction of forests Parks, health care bases, etc.; the national (Nanxiong) forestry biological industry base and headquarters base construction projects cover industrial bases and infrastructure construction.

It is reported that Nanxiong City is rich in forest resources and is the "Hometown of Ginkgo in China", "Bamboo Township with Chinese Characteristics", and a key ecological barrier in northern Guangdong. Nanxiong City has an area of 2,378,300 acres of forest land, a forest resource coverage rate of 65.89%, and a forest resource reserve of 9,251,600 cubic meters. In recent years, Nanxiong City has continuously strengthened the construction of the ecological forestry system and vigorously developed the forestry economy in accordance with the work policy of forest classification management.

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No need to raise the whip and create new achievements in forestry. The national reserve forest and industrial supporting construction project signed this time is the key to the introduction of Nanxiong City in accordance with the important requirements of "new development stage, new development concept, new development pattern" and high-quality development, and adheres to the ecological priority and green development concept. Ecological green industry. This project is of great significance for accelerating the construction of ecological civilization in Nanxiong City, promoting rural revitalization, and driving local economic development. At the same time, it will effectively promote the deep integrated development of Nanxiong's forestry biological industry and the scale, intensification, and industrialization of the forestry industry. The development of globalization and modernization will help Nanxiong build a model for valuing resources and assets and promoting green development, and contribute to Shaoguan’s strategic goal of achieving carbon peaks and carbon neutrality. Editor/Sang Xiaomei