In the decisive battle, the pipe network people will not accept the heat!

Seetao 2021.08.12
  • Take root, the pipe network people stick to the high temperature, they are handsome and beautiful

Have you ever tried to work outdoors in the dog days, wearing long trousers and an airtight helmet? This is what they experience every day.

You ask who they are? They are the brightest orange color this summer. They use their sweat to solidify the pipe network to run smoothly. They fight the heat and refuse to accept the "heat"!

From the rising sun to the twilight sihe, they used sweat as ink to write down the story of oil delivery for the country.

From the station to the field, and then to the factory building, there are their persistent figures everywhere, as well as their firm eyes.

In the hot "sauna days", with the scorching sun and the scorching heat, they are always struggling to protect the oil dragon on the front line.

Sweat-soaked work clothes stick to the skin and become "tights." When work clothes are wet and dry, they are often covered with salt spots.

When the rainy season and the heat and humidity on both sides hit, the temperature in the oil storage tank is as high as forty degrees. The moment I emerge from the manhole of the floating boat, I feel like a hot steamed bun with the lid of the cage just opened~

On the ground that has been scorched by the sun for a day, working with detection equipment is so sour that only they know.

Allowing the hot sun to scorch the earth, allowing sweat to flow down their cheeks, they unswervingly guarded the oil delivery equipment.

Every time you check, you should consolidate your responsibilities; every drop of sweat will give you a point of safety.

Sometimes it is too late to wipe off the sweat during work, and the sweat on the head will keep flowing into the eyes, causing the eyes to hurt.

I want to tell you that the sun is very strong, you are beautiful, your sweat is very salty, and your smile is very sweet.

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They are the faces of the pipe network who must touch you and me every year in the dog days. They use practical actions to write the most beautiful chapter of mission and labor. pay tribute! Editor/Sang Xiaomei