Zhang Biao won the title of National Technical Expert

Seetao 2021.08.13
  • Zhang Biao has accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and practical experience, and he is a role model for everyone

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China issued the "Decision on Awarding the Title of National Technical Expert in Vocational Skills Competition 2019-2020", and awarded Zhang Biao, the fourth company of China Railway 18th Bureau Group, as the title of "National Technical Expert".

It is reported that the title of "National Technical Expert" is the highest government award in the field of skilled personnel in China. The highly skilled personnel who have been commended are outstanding representatives of Chinese industrial workers. They have made extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions and contributed to the economic society. Development has made a positive contribution. In 2019-2020, a total of 1,603 top technical talents in various industries in China won this honor.

From November 25 to 27, 2020, the China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. Vocational Skills Competition was held in Changsha. The group company representative team stood out from the 15 participating teams and won the second place in this skill competition group. Among them, Zhang Biao won the personal second place, won the honorary titles of "China Railway Construction Technical Expert", "China Railway Construction Worker Pioneer Medal", "China Railway Construction Young Post Expert", and was recommended to apply for "National Technical Expert" .

Zhang Biao received multiple honors from China Railway Construction

Since joining the work in 2013, Zhang Biao has successively participated in the construction of subway tunnels such as Nanjing Metro, Suzhou Metro, Tianjin Metro, Shijiazhuang Metro, and Chengdu Metro. He is familiar with and masters the structure and principle of shield construction equipment, can independently carry out equipment maintenance, formulate maintenance plans and plans, and participates in shield machine disassembly and commissioning more than 30 times.

Zhang Biao debugging shield machine

When he first arrived at the Urban Rail Transit Division of the fourth company, Zhang Biao took root in the first line of construction and worked hand in hand with the shield machine. When Zhang Biao really came into contact with the shield machine for the first time, Zhang Biao was completely blank. He studied with the machine every day, communicated with the operators, and asked the masters for advice. Quickly grasped the construction principle of the shield machine.

During the assembly and commissioning of the Herrenknecht shield machine, in order to explore the giant steel dragon more deeply, Zhang Biao took the initiative to apply to participate in the commissioning work. During the work, he constantly consulted the experienced teacher and translated the English manual word by word against the dictionary. After constant exploration, he finally broke through the dragon gradually. After the Herrenknecht shield machine came out of the hole, Zhang Biao carefully studied the internal structure of the main drive in combination with the drawings. He disassembled the main drive on site, cleaned the large ring gear, driven the pinion gear and performed flaw detection, and checked the roller bearings one by one. In the case of damage, the careful Zhang Biao discovered the problem of the damage to the main drive seal, and he led the team to repair it in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

Adjust the outlet pressure of the hydraulic pump

During the construction of Shijiazhuang Metro Line 3, due to tight time and heavy tasks, Zhang Biao insisted on keeping track of the heavily damaged shield screw machine for a long time, supervising the progress of maintenance, and controlling the quality of maintenance.

In the severe winter, the cooling water jacket of the main drive reducer of the shield machine was frozen and deformed. The water jacket and the gear box of the reducer formed a channel that could not be cooled by water. The main drive reducer was imported from Italy and there was no source of accessories in China. It is very difficult to repair. Zhang Biao used the knowledge he had learned and analyzed the principle of cooling to boldly transform water cooling into oil cooling. The direction of the cooling pipeline was changed, and the main bearing gear oil cooler was used to cool the main drive reducer. After Zhang Biao's transformation, after the shield machine was assembled and debugged in the well, the temperature of the main drive reducer was normal, the cutter head was running stably, the equipment was running well, and it fully met the construction conditions, and was highly praised by the superiors.

Repair shield machine line

The Tianxi section of Chengdu Metro Line 6 undertaken by the group company needs to penetrate 52 houses and buildings, and the local area is rich in water and sand and pebble. The maximum longitudinal slope of the section is 28‰. It is extremely difficult to control during tunneling, and it is easy to over-excavate. The risk of internal horizontal transportation is also high. To ensure the safe construction of the equipment, Zhang Biao added anti-skid "iron shoes" to the battery car. When the battery car slips, the "iron shoes" can be immediately braked by putting down the "iron shoes" as soon as possible. In order to further ensure safety, he increased the number of quick release valves, which can quickly exhaust the remaining air in the brake cylinders and pipelines, and achieve effective braking within 2 seconds. At the same time, he also installed a backup brake switch and installed it in the main An air shutoff valve is installed on the air pipe. When one of the brake valves fails, the other can quickly trigger the brake system.

During the work, Zhang Biao combined what he learned with practical work well, and contributed his own strength to the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Be well prepared before the game

Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. In the daily construction of the shield machine, Zhang Biao has accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and practical experience through continuous exploration and innovation, and has stepped forward to a higher stage step by step.

"When I learned that I was awarded the title of National Technical Expert, I was very happy because it was the greatest recognition of my business ability. I will take this as a new starting point, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor, and craftsmanship, and continue to learn new knowledge. , Master new skills, create new performance, continue to play a demonstrative and leading role, and make new and greater contributions to the realization of high-quality development of the enterprise." Zhang Biao said. Editor/He Yuting