The 12th Bureau of Hydropower won the bid for Hefei treatment project

Seetao 2021.08.16
  • The construction of this project will greatly optimize Hefei's water management and alleviate local floods

On August 16, 2021, the 12th Bureau of Hydropower won the bid for Anhui Hefei Comprehensive Treatment Project. The project is located in Suzhou City with a total investment of 1.84 billion yuan. The Kuisui River Basin in Suzhou City covers an area of 2976 square kilometers, accounting for 30.4% of the total area of the city. The main rivers include Kui River, Sui River, Tuowei River, Laotan River, etc., with an agricultural population of more than 2 million people and more than 3.4 million mu of arable land. .

After the flood in 1998, as an emergency project, the Kuisui River's recent treatment project started construction in November, and was completed and accepted in September 2008. The total investment in the city's domestic projects was 704 million yuan. The Kuisui River's recent treatment project was under construction and operation. After the test of floods in 2003, 2007, 2018, etc., it has exerted significant economic and social benefits. However, it was an emergency treatment project at that time. Due to the investment scale and other restrictions, mainstream rivers such as Kuihe, Suihe, Tuoweihe, and Laosuihe were met once every three years (Laowang Lake flood detention area) for flood control and 20 for flood control. The standard dredging occurs once a year, and the standard is very low. At present, the river basin has problems such as incomplete flood control and waterlogging removal engineering system, many conflicts in boundary water conservancy, heavy river pollution, imperfect water resources allocation system, low standards for the use of flood detention areas in Laowang Lake, and poor drainage of outlets. In order to reduce the pressure of Laowang Lake for waterlogging storage, the plan proposes that on the basis of the five-year plan of using the lake, the necessary width of the beach and the partial retreat of the embankment should be appropriately increased. Excavate the width and depth, use the spoil of river dredging to increase the height of the embankment, the Kuihe dyke slope and bank slope protection treatment; expand river barriers, bridges across the river and other buildings, rebuild the crossing culvert gate station, and build gate control at the entrance of the main tributary confluences along the line , Improve the flood discharge capacity of the main stream; implement the construction of the Laowang Lake flood storage and detention area, the reinforcement and reconstruction of the flood advancement and retreat facilities, and improve the dispatching and operation methods. Comprehensive consideration of factors such as project land occupation, resettlement and demolition, implementation difficulty, and project investment, the plan adopts the main stream extension and tributary staggered combination plan to realize the elimination of the Kuisui River's Qianliu River without the use of the Laowang Lake detention and storage floods. The flood standard reaches once in 5 years, and the corresponding flood control standard reaches more than once in 20 years.

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The depth and quality of the work at each stage of the project management general contracting shall comply with the relevant national and industry management regulations. The work content includes (but not limited to) the following main aspects: responsible for the preparation of the feasibility study report and the processing and approval of all special reports, and responsible for the preliminary design report Preparation and approval, responsible for project construction management, construction organization, resettlement supervision and evaluation, environmental protection, and soil and water conservation monitoring, and responsible for the operation and management of the project one year after the completion of the project. Please refer to the bidding documents for details. The estimated total investment of the project is about 3.16 billion yuan, and the construction part of the project included in the scope of the project management general contract is about 2 billion yuan. The details are subject to the approved budget.Editor/Xing Wentao、Design/Zhangtao