Due to climate change, Croatia enters a state of emergency

Seetao 2021.08.18
  • Due to global warming, Croatia is facing environmental problems such as desertification, sea level rise, drought, floods and fires

The first part of the comprehensive report being prepared by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that more than 550 scientists from Croatia emphasized in a letter to the government, parliament and President Zoran Milanovic that the per capita carbon in Croatia The footprint is large and it must assume part of its responsibility globally.

Experts pointed out that the Mediterranean is one of the hotspots in the world, and climate change has brought about more severe and longer-lasting droughts, heat waves, fires, floods, and disturbances to marine and terrestrial biodiversity. The open letter stated that the Croatian authorities have not done enough and have repeatedly called for the introduction of a climate emergency.

Immigration threat

The announcement stated that the destruction of many aspects of the climate system has destroyed traditional lifestyles and has had a negative impact on agriculture and many economic sectors. At the same time, invasive species such as tiger mosquitoes have also appeared. "More frequent and longer-lasting droughts are expected, and they tend to lead to desertification. Sea levels are rising significantly, which has endangered the fertile Neretva Delta," the scientist added, emphasizing that investment banks are expected to have A large number of immigrants left the Mediterranean countries.

They asked for a list of climate changes so far and provide short-term and long-term estimates. Croatia should establish a "Science and Climate General Staff" to translate the best knowledge into climate policy, climate scientists say, and require a "just but rapid and determined transition" in energy and transportation, and no longer favor any fossil fuel-based solutions. Program.

Professor Vladimir Đurđević of the Belgrade School of Physics emphasized in a comment on the Balkan Green Energy News that the average temperature in southeastern Europe in the past five years has been a little more than 2.5 degrees Celsius higher than in the late 19th century and it shows that its growth rate is faster than close to 1.2 degrees. The global average. He said that if the earth warms up by two degrees, the region will experience three levels of growth.

"This is irreversible, so the idea of implementing a state of emergency is metaphorical, otherwise we will always be in a state of emergency. However, while taking measures to adapt to climate change, we must urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So far, this The method is only superficial, there are no serious initiatives or projects," Đurđević asserted.

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He estimated that from the current situation, the Balkans are facing more and more water shortages and worse than the summer of 2021, and the risk of wildfires will also increase. Đurđević explained that the risk is calculated by combining data on temperature, duration of drought, amount of flammable materials on the ground, and wind speed.Editor/XuNing