Due to climate change, India will lose 35 trillion U.S. dollars in 50 years

Seetao 2021.08.24
  • According to the research report, India must take action to prevent its economic problems caused by climate change

According to the latest report from the Deloitte Institute for Economic Research, India must take immediate action to prevent it from losing $35 trillion of economic potential due to unmitigated climate change in the next 50 years. It added that by limiting the rise in global temperature and realizing its potential to "decarbonize" exports to the world, India could gain an economic value of US$11 trillion in the same period.

"We only have a short time—the next 10 years—to make the decisions needed to change the trajectory of climate change. No one is immune to the effects of climate change, but for India, this is a trend-setting opportunity. Window," said Atul Dhawan, Chairman of Deloitte India.

According to the report entitled "India's Turning Point: How Climate Action Promotes Our Economic Future", in the next 50 years, in terms of economic activity, the five most affected industries will be-government and private services, manufacturing , Retail and tourism, construction and transportation. The Deloitte report estimates that by 2070, these five industries alone will lose more than $1.5 trillion in value-added GDP each year.

“By making the right choices now, India can plan a more prosperous path to a low-emission future, and accelerate progress in the rest of the world by exporting key technologies, processes and expertise,” Viral, partner and sustainability partner Thakker said.

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The report stated that India can achieve significant economic growth by providing the world with the products, services and financing needed to limit temperature rise.Editor/XuNing