Construction of Milu Irrigation District Project in Honghe Prefecture started

Seetao 2021.08.25
  • After the Milu Irrigation District Project in Honghe Prefecture is completed, it will help the development of border ethnic minorities

On August 23, 2021, one of the single projects in the Milu Irrigation District of Honghe Prefecture, the water delivery project started, marking the official start of construction of the first 150 national major water conservancy projects undertaken by the China Hydropower and Infrastructure Administration.

Milu Irrigation District Project in Honghe Prefecture

The Milu Irrigation District of Honghe Prefecture is a major water conservancy project included in the national 150 major water conservancy project construction plan in Yunnan Province. It is one of the subprojects of poverty alleviation and irrigation in the western Yunnan border mountainous areas in the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Water Conservancy Development and Reform". It is also one of the two major water conservancy projects in Yunnan Province that are listed in the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Water Resources to start construction in 2020. It is also a major water conservancy project that "makes up for shortcomings and boosts power" by the Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

The task of the Milu large-scale irrigation area is to build a new Milu irrigation area. The development task of the irrigation area is agricultural irrigation and township water supply, and creates conditions for poverty alleviation and ecological civilization in the frontier minority areas. The irrigation area includes 2 counties (cities) in Luxi and Mile, 13 towns and 1 farm, including 8 towns in Luxi, 5 towns and 1 farm in Mile. The designed irrigation area of the irrigation area is 600,000 mu, of which the improved irrigation area is 39 million mu, the restored irrigation area is 77,000 mu, and the newly increased irrigation area is 133,000 mu. The project has added 69.74 million cubic meters of water supply on average over the years, of which 68.66 million cubic meters have been added for agricultural irrigation. After the implementation of this project, the water saving of agricultural irrigation will be 52.56 million cubic meters in 2035 to the design level.

The main construction content of the irrigation area is to build or rebuild and expand 4 reservoirs, build and rebuild backbone irrigation channels/pipes of 177.2 kilometers, improve drainage and irrigation ditches 103.7 kilometers; build township water supply pipelines of 29.3 kilometers, build 3 pumping stations, and build new irrigation areas 1 information management project.

It is understood that the Zhegui Reservoir water delivery project is one of the 14 unit projects in the Maitreya area of the Milu Irrigation District Project. The main pipeline project of Zhegui Reservoir is located in Pengpu Town, Mile City, with a total length of 2.34 kilometers. The entire line is pressured pipelines, and the buried pipes are DN500 ductile iron pipes. Editor/He Yuting