SSE Renewables rebuilds 140GW hydropower station

Seetao 2021.08.30
  • The project will extend the operating life of the plant by nearly 40 years and provide nearly 140GW of renewable energy per year

SSE Renewables, a UK-based renewable energy company, announced plans to invest 50 million pounds ($68.5 million) in the next two years to re-power the Tummel Bridge hydroelectric power station in the Scottish Highlands. The project will involve the installation of more modern and efficient turbine technology in hydropower stations.

The refurbishment of the plant will begin in 2022 and is expected to be completed in 2023. The project is expected to create 65 jobs during the peak period of construction. After completion, the operating life of the power plant will be extended by at least 40 years. The hydropower station will help achieve net zero emissions targets in Scotland and the United Kingdom.

This is said to be the largest single investment that SSE Renewables has made to refurbish its hydropower fleet in recent years. Located at the center of the Tummel Valley Hydro Scheme cascade, the power station was commissioned in 1933 and is one of the oldest hydropower stations in Scotland. The plant currently provides nearly 140GWh of renewable energy annually.

According to the reconstruction plan, SSE Renewables will replace the two existing "camelback" double runners, horizontal Francis turbines in the factory with more modern runner technology. This technology is expected to increase the power generation capacity of the power plant from 34MW to 38MW, with a peak output of 40MW under optimal conditions.

Peter Diver, Head of Renewable Energy and Hydropower Operations at SSE, said: "Hydropower is Scotland’s original source of renewable energy. On our way to achieve net zero carbon emissions in Scotland by 2045 and in the United Kingdom by 2050, hydropower will play an increasingly important role. An important role." "By replacing Tummel Bridge’s existing turbines with modern and efficient technology, we will be able to safely extend the operating life of the power station by at least 40 years, which means that Tummel Bridge will become our future net-zero power system. Part."

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Earlier in August, SSE Renewables submitted an application to the Scottish government, hoping to add up to 18 turbines to the Bhlaraidh wind farm.Editor/Baohongying