China Petroleum Pipeline: Oil workers fought against Saudi NGCP project

Seetao 2021.08.30
  • Saudi NGCP project employees head to the Javier region in Saudi Arabia with high temperatures

Over the years, under the guidance of the “Belt and Road” initiative, and inspired by the national “going out” strategy, international pipelines have spread projects in more than forty countries and regions, and vigorously promoted the “Daqing Spirit” and “Iron Man” in project construction. "Spirit", adhering to the "August 3" spirit; gradually condensing the "mangrove spirit" of "rooting overseas and becoming a single tree"; summing up the "camel spirit" of "bearing hardships and standing hard work, loyal and responsible". Nowadays, international pipeline people do not forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, move forward courageously, and are invincible, fully demonstrating the "spirit and spirit" of international pipeline people.

Since July, the high temperature weather in the Middle East has intensified and continued to rise to 50 degrees Celsius. When people in China are hiding in the air-conditioned rooms to enjoy the coolness, the project staff of the Pipeline Bureau in the Middle East are sweating like rain, being hit by the sun and sand, in the vast desert hinterland and the hot and humid Gulf region, always sticking to the high temperature. The "baking" experience fully demonstrated the "camel spirit" of the overseas employees of the Pipeline Bureau. In Saudi Arabia, the sun scorches everything mercilessly for most of the day. Traveling in the depths of the desert’s uninhabited areas, the hot golden yellow came into view. Numerous folds of sand and rocks, like solidified waves, stretched to the distant golden horizon, forming a strong contrast with the blue empty sky. Reminiscent of the picture of "solitary smoke in the desert" written by the poet. The Saudi NGCP project was under construction in such an environment, and the air around the on-site personnel seemed to be filled with an invisible fire and agitated emotions. At 4:30 on July 19, in the sky, the employees of the Saudi NGCP project left the camp by car and rushed to the construction site between the natural gas gathering station and the gas booster station (GCP1) in the Havia region of Saudi Arabia. In order to avoid the intense heat, the project department entered the construction site early in the morning, extended the lunch break at noon, and continued construction until night after 4pm.

Even so, the sun is still wantonly catching the sweat of the employees during the construction period, as if to squeeze out the moisture in the air. At the construction site, you can see the ice buckets prepared by the safety personnel of the project department in advance. “We use the ice maker to freeze a large number of ice cubes in advance at the camp, and then bring them to the site to cool the drinking water and heatstroke prevention products for everyone. Go for some coolness." "At the scene, when the temperature is close to the highest temperature of the day, it feels hot to breathe. All solid surfaces exposed to the sun are hot. If it is the surface of the iron plate exposed to the sun, the cooked eggs can be spread directly. "Ma Tao, an employee of the Saudi NGCP project department, described his feelings at the scene.

"You are the wind and I am the sand, lingering to the end of the world", the desert sands sung in the lyrics are never so gentle in Saudi Arabia. Sometimes, the construction equipment that had just been put in order by the on-site personnel the day before was buried by the sand brought by the strong wind the next day. Employees need to work hard to find "clues" in order to find the location of the equipment. But these have long been commonplace in the eyes of pipeline bureau employees. They were not defeated by the wind and sand, but regarded the wind and sand as a "gift" of nature: "These "blown" sands are used by us on the spot and used for the concrete foundations of the pipe corridors of a station in Javier. At the backfill site, we use it in the laying of the cushion, which saves the cost of transportation, improves quality and efficiency, and gets twice the result with half the effort."

The employees of various projects of the Pipeline Bureau in the Middle East are like camels in the desert, silently fighting against all kinds of "difficulties" of nature, and resolutely pushing forward the construction progress. In the Abu Dhabi crude oil storage tank maintenance project in the UAE, every 30 minutes during the construction, safety personnel will remind overweight employees to take a 30-minute break. Similar to the "hump" function on a camel, the workers on site must carry a kettle with them, prepare ice water and heatstroke prevention and cooling products, and have a 20-minute rest and water replenishment time each morning and afternoon, so that employees have enough time to rehydrate and maintain physical strength. During this period of time, the Iraqi "severe heat mode" also started as scheduled. The average temperature in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, has reached 51 degrees Celsius, and all towns in the south are also in a "barbecue" state. The temperature has been above 50 degrees Celsius every day for a week. During the daytime construction, the body temperature of the on-site personnel has reached 70 degrees Celsius. "Your enthusiasm is like a fire that burns the entire desert..." In a WeChat voice call on the evening of July 19, domestic time, Wei Yunlong, a young employee of the Iraqi Majnuen Project of China Oil Engineering and Construction Company, used a few words familiar to him. Lyrics vividly describe the environment around him. The author learned from Wei Yunlong, "The hotter the weather, even if the clothes are wet and dry, we still have to dress tightly to prevent sunburn from ultraviolet rays, drink plenty of water and take in rehydration salts to prevent heatstroke. "

In addition to the high temperature, construction in Iraq during the summer also has to fight against a special "enemy"-"Small Bite." In the eyes of Wang Zhuojun, deputy manager of the Iraqi Halfaya Phase III Project Department, this unknown little blood-sucking flying insect is more terrifying than the intense heat, and makes people suffer. Once targeted by this kind of bugs, dozens of bags, large and small, will always be left on the body, which hurts and itches. "We can only wrap ourselves up and try not to expose an inch of skin to avoid being'attacked' by them. "Different from the "dry roasting" weather in other regions, the submarine pipe landing section of the Ras Makaz project in Oman is located on the edge of the bay. The weather here is like a "steamer", suffocating and suffocating. "Even if I stand still, I still sweaty." "Although I am wearing gloves, my hand holding the welding rod still feels hot, and the sweat on the back of my hand is constantly flowing down my arm..." Aman Ras Makaz project site The construction workers described the summer in their eyes.

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Due to the low terrain, high groundwater level, and repeated tidal waves, the newly dug operation pit is always filled with groundwater quickly. Even if the drainage work is not stopped, the groundwater still seeps out continuously. In addition, the windy weather not only caused difficulties for the counterpart of the 42-inch large diameter tubing, the sand was wrapped in the fumes from welding, floating and wandering under the blessing of the strong wind, and choking people's throats. After a few steps, the sweat on the palms of the on-site personnel became slippery and greasy, and they had to be wiped with a towel to continue the construction. The employees of the Aman Ras Makaz project just displayed the camel-like tolerance and creativity in this difficult environment, and gritted their teeth to do 5 million “beautiful jobs” without compromising and safe working hours. "In the summer, when I was constructing in the Middle East, I was tired and sweaty every day. But every time a node was completed, those sufferings and difficulties seemed to disappear, and only the pride of being a pipeline person was in my heart.Editor/Xing Wentao