Two major water diversion projects in Sichuan started in the 14th Five-Year Plan

Seetao 2021.08.31
  • After the completion of the Dajimin Water Diversion Project, the annual average water diversion is 2.7 billion cubic meters
  • After the completion of the Changzheng Canal water diversion project, the annual average water diversion is 3.5 billion cubic meters

On August 30, 2021, a reporter from Jiandao.com learned from the Sichuan Provincial Government website that the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Water Security in Sichuan Province" has been officially issued and implemented. The "Plan" is a key special plan determined by the Sichuan Provincial Government. On the basis of summarizing the achievements of Sichuan’s water conservancy development during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, it is based on the new development stage, implements the new development concept, integrates into the new development pattern, and promotes high-quality development. The theme, the study puts forward the overall requirements, key tasks, safeguard measures and long-term goals of the "14th Five-Year" water security guarantee, which is the guiding document for the water security work of Sichuan Province in the next five years and beyond.

The "Planning" proposes that by 2025, Sichuan's water conservancy will achieve great development and breakthroughs in water safety guarantee capabilities, which will effectively guarantee the water demand for economic and social development and ecological civilization construction.

Intensive use of water resources

By 2025, the total water consumption in Sichuan Province will be controlled within 33 billion cubic meters. Water consumption for 10,000 yuan of GDP and water consumption for 10,000 yuan of industrial added value will decrease compared with 2020. The goal set by the state will be completed, and the effective utilization coefficient of irrigation water will be improved. To 0.5 or more.

By 2025, Sichuan’s urban and rural water supply security will be significantly enhanced, a number of ecological water conservancy projects have been completed, the water network system has been further improved, urban and rural water supply integration and rural water services have made important progress, urban and rural water supply security and drought emergency response capabilities have been significantly enhanced, and large-scale water supply The coverage has been significantly improved. The province’s new living, production, and ecological water supply capacity has increased by 2 billion cubic meters, and the rural tap water penetration rate has reached 88%.

What is striking is that the "Plan" specifically deployed the construction of a complete water network system: strengthening the interconnection of the engineering water network and the natural water network, and doing a good job in the reasonable allocation of natural water resources and engineering configuration water resources. Adhere to the principle of water resources allocation of near water first, replenishing water from north to south, diverting water from west to east, and mutual assistance from multiple sources, and make overall plans for river basins and regions, and construct two super large projects with water diversion from Dajimin and Changzheng Canal as the backbone, five The horizontal, six verticals are the framework, the large, medium, small and micro coordinated facilities, the water network system of provinces, cities, counties and villages is fully connected, storage, diversion, supply, discharge, and discharge functions to ensure the safety of urban and rural residents and ensure the water for industrial and agricultural production. , To provide a solid guarantee for food security and economic and social development.

The "Planning" specifically stated that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Sichuan Province will vigorously promote the water diversion project from Dajimin and Changzheng Canal. Give full play to the overall coordination role of the provincial level and the leading role of the Provincial Water Development Group Co., Ltd., strengthen the coordination and linkage between the provincial level and relevant cities (prefectures), the cooperation and promotion of Sichuan Province and Chongqing City, and establish and improve the preliminary work of the project, investment and financing, construction, Manage the operating mechanism, vigorously promote the preliminary demonstration work of the project, and strive to start the two projects in the "14th Five-Year Plan". Editor/He Yuting