Li Yubin, keep the bridge open!

Seetao 2021.09.01
  • For 13 years, Li Yubin has guarded the safety and smooth flow of the bridge with action and loyalty

In the mountainous area of western Henan after the heat, autumn rains continue. At 6 o'clock on August 30, 2021, the skylight point was opened. Li Yubin, the foreman of the Yangliandi Bridge and Tunnel Section of the Sanmenxia Bridge and Tunnel Workshop of the Luoyang Engineering Section of China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd., took three employees to board the Yangliandi Bridge. Check the guard rails, bolts, sleepers and other equipment.

Li Yubin is familiar with each of the 355 sleepers on the bridge. He took the overhaul hammer to check carefully, and the rain water flowed down the raincoat and hat. Working outdoors all the year round, Li Yubin's skin is tanned, but his eyes are piercing. "Even a small screw must be safe." Li Yubin said.

2021 is Li Yubin's 13th year of guarding the bridge. Both his grandfather and father worked here. Li Yubin holds the baton in his hand, carries forward the spirit of Yang Liandi's ascending, intensively inspects and repairs, overcomes difficulties, and guards the safety and smooth flow of the bridge with loyalty to ensure that the excellent rate of bridge equipment is always maintained at 100%.

Heroes' bridge lives in my heart

"I was born, grew up, and worked in this land. This is where I linger." When it comes to Yangliandi Bridge, Li Yubin couldn't hide his excitement. The Yangliandi Bridge is located in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, between Guanyintang and Miaogou on the Longhai Railway. It is named after the climbing hero Yang Liandi. Its original name was Longhai Railway No. 8 Bridge. It was designed by French, British and Belgian experts in 1921 and completed in 4 years. The bridge is 45 meters high and 172.5 meters long. It is connected to the Huaigou Tunnel in the east and the longest Xiashi Tunnel of the Longhai Railway in the west, surrounded by cliffs on all sides. Li Yubin's grandfather and father are both guardians of this bridge. They not only left Li Yubin with the blood of a railway person, but also his "spirit of climbing" and the feelings of a railway person.

In 1957, Li Yubin's grandfather, Li Dewang, came to the Yangliandi Bridge Tunnel, where he persisted for 18 years in a difficult environment with no water, no electricity, and no roads. In November 1975, Li Yubin's father, Li Changgui, came to work in the Yangliandi line construction area. In March 1979, Li Changgui settled his family in the work area after getting married. For more than 30 Spring Festivals, he stayed on duty in the work area and gave the opportunity of reunion to other employees.

Li Yubin was born in 1980. In the eyes of young Li Yubin, his father is always serious and busy. In the short parent-child time, the story of the martyr Yang Liandi was the most frequently told by the father. Since childhood, a seed to guard the hero's bridge has been planted in Li Yubin's heart. In 2000, Li Yubin retired from the army and became a railway worker. In 2008, he voluntarily applied to leave a place with good conditions and came to work in the Yangliandi Bridge Tunnel. On the first day when he went to work, his father told Li Yubin: “When you get to the bridge, you must take over the class, do your work well, and pass on Yang Liandi’s spirit of climbing.” Later, Li Yubin learned that this was when his father came to Yang Lian. What Grandpa told him when he went to work in the No. Line Work Area.

In the past, every time Li Yubin passed the Yangliandi Bridge, Li Yubin always remembered the story of his childhood and the scene of his parents inspecting the bridge. When he really engaged in this work, he realized the difficulty of keeping the bridge. "In work, in addition to the maintenance of the bridge deck and various parts in the bridge belly, there is also a difficult high-altitude operation." Li Yubin said, when inspecting, removing rust and painting the steel frame and bracket of the bridge, You need to squat or sit on a long and narrow plank suspended under the bridge. With a little effort, the plank will sway in the air, like a swing. Li Yubin was terrified when he was swinging for the first time. "The master didn't let me work. I just sat and experienced it. My legs kept trembling and I held the safety rope tightly with both hands." Li Yubin said.

Fear is instinctive. Li Yubin wants to overcome his fear as soon as possible. After get off work, he came to the heroic climb under the bridge. Looking at the iron splints on the bridge piers and thinking of the scene of Yang Liandi ascending the heights, he gradually had courage in his heart. "I used to be a soldier. What he can do, so can I!" After that, Li Yubin always rushed to the front when there was swing work.

45 meters is equivalent to a 15-story building, and ordinary people walking on the bridge will inevitably dazzle with soft legs. "The biggest feature of aerial operations is the lack of support points, and they can't be used vigorously. For more than ten minutes of operations on the ground, it takes several times the time and effort to hang in the air." Li Yubin said. Inspired by Yang Liandi's ascending spirit, Li Yubin devoted himself to learning business with his master. Not only did he overcome his fear, but he also quickly mastered standardized work skills and was able to standardize work calmly and calmly. He was also affectionately called Brother Swing by the workers.

After more than 10 years of experience, Li Yubin has grown from a junior worker to a technician, from a bridge and tunnel rookie to an experienced foreman. His confidence in defending the hero bridge is getting stronger and stronger.

Guarding the Hero Bridge

There are only 7 people in Li Yubin's work area. They are responsible for the maintenance and repair of 47 bridges, 10 tunnels and 107 culverts. Among them, the maintenance and repair of Yangliandi Bridge is the most important task. In the face of heavy work, Li Yubin arranged the division of labor in a reasonable manner to allow limited manpower to play its best role. He always rushed ahead when performing difficult and dangerous tasks such as working at heights, hitting ice in tunnels, and hanging nets on mountains.

The Longhai Line has a high density of traffic, with an average of one train passing every 5 minutes during peak hours. Safety is Li Yubin's most concern. “You must wear your seat belts correctly when working at heights, and don’t take a chance.” In the safety warning room of the work area, Li Yubin will explain to the workers one by one on the picture display board every month, and give warning education. Li Yubin combined typical cases with the actual situation of the work area to help everyone master the new version of the ten major violations, nine "ten no" measures, etc., and build a strong line of defense from the ideological level.

Before the operation, Li Yubin must always make full safety predictions, find out the key safety points of the next day's work one day in advance, and provide safety education and targeted reminders to the workers. "Every time before I leave the car, Mr. Li will ask me to check the vehicle. Especially at the time of the flood season, we must ensure that the vehicle is in good condition at all times, so that we can set off within 10 minutes after receiving the danger." Responsible for driving work area tools The driver Ma Zhitong said, "With the foreman's supervision, the alarm bell in our hearts is ringing."

Compared with summer high-temperature operations, winter operations are more stressful for Li Yubin. Yangliandi Bridge is located in a gorge, at a vent between two mountains. Windy weather often occurs in winter, and the low temperature is often around minus 10 degrees Celsius. At this time, the steel girders and connecting parts of the bridge are prone to safety hazards. In winter, Li Yubin led the workers to increase the frequency of overhaul operations and overhaul the connecting parts of the large bridge body, the sleepers, and the piers and supports under the bridge in an all-round way to ensure the safety of the bridge.

"In severe cold weather, a leaky tunnel can form icicles over 1 meter long within a week. If it is not handled in time, it will bring hidden dangers to driving safety." Li Yubin introduced. In winter, he and his workers have to overcome difficulties such as snow accumulation on the road, slippery roads, narrow construction sites, and insufficient lighting every week. They walk through 10 dark and narrow tunnels to check the icing on the walls and track beds in order to eliminate all types of icing in time. Tunnel equipment disease. During the Spring Festival travel in 2018, when Li Yubin inspected the Guanyintang tunnel, he found a large icicle attached to the top of the wall. Li Yubin took the lead in picking up the tools and climbing up the ladder. As soon as he struck, the entire icicle suddenly fell, almost overturning the ladder. "The'skylight' only has 60 minutes, everyone quickly clear the ice out!" Li Yubin's first reaction was not personal safety, but line safety. Together with his workmates, he broke the icicles and moved more than 100 kilograms of ice out of the tunnel at the fastest speed.

In practice, Li Yubin summed up the three-character work standards: strict, comprehensive, and detailed, that is, the implementation of standardized operating procedures must be strict, bridge equipment inspections must be complete, and bridge equipment repairs must be detailed. He formed a QC team to tackle key issues such as anti-corrosion technology for bridge wooden sleepers and anti-rust treatment of steel beam connections, which effectively reduced maintenance costs and improved the quality of bridge equipment. Squad leader Liu Dong said: "Inspector Li has a high standard of work, and we take the initiative to follow him. If we work hard, we can overcome no matter how hard it is."

In June 2020, there are many weathered fossils at the entrance of the Guanyintang tunnel, and there is a risk of falling rocks. Li Yubin led four workers to set up protective nets on the mountain. They set off at 6 o'clock every day and returned at 20 o'clock every day. They continued to fight for 50 days. They hung nearly 2,000 square meters of protective nets on the mountain to effectively ensure the safety of driving during the flood season. In September of the same year, during the half-month battle for the beauty construction of the Yangliandi Bridge, Li Yubin led the construction assault team of party members to overcome difficulties such as narrow working sites and high-altitude dangers, and cleaned steel beams, piers, supports and other facilities. Descaling and painting, successfully completed the task.

Over the years, Li Yubin and his workers have guarded the safety of the bridge with a high sense of responsibility and have eliminated many potential safety hazards. At 13:30 on March 19, 2010, a fire broke out on the mountainside on the north side of the Yangliandi Bridge, covering an area of more than 70 hectares. Li Yubin led everyone to the scene as soon as possible and fought for more than three hours with the armed police officers and soldiers guarding the bridge, putting out all the fires and ensuring the safety of the bridge. On January 11 this year, when working outside, the workers discovered that strong winds had blown multiple 6-meter-long and 1.6-meter-wide colored steel tiles onto the side slope of the cutting. After receiving the notice, Li Yubin drove his private car to the scene immediately, quickly pulled the Caigang Wall away, and found the relevant residents, prompting them to fix them to ensure driving safety.

A hundred years have passed, the bridge remains the same, the sound of bagpipes, and the speeding train. Looking at the Yangliandi Bridge, Li Yubin felt unspeakable pride in his heart.

Tell the story of Heroes Bridge

"Persevere in dedication, serious responsibility, daring to take responsibility, and courage to innovate. This is the connotation of Yang Liandi's spirit of ascending in the new era..." Putting down the maintenance hammer and picking up the microphone, Li Yubin is a storyteller again.

Li Yubin has long been familiar with the deeds of climbing hero Yang Liandi. Li Yubin became a compulsory interpreter for Yang Liandi's patriotism education base, leading everyone to build a good education base and inherit the heroic spirit. Over the years, Li Yubin has regularly led employees to pay tribute to and clean up at the Yang Liandi Martyrs Memorial Hall, telling heroic stories at the Yang Liandi Martyrs Memorial Hall, and strengthen everyone's ideals and beliefs in starting a business. Every year on the eve of Ching Ming Festival, many tourists and students will come to the Yang Liandi Martyrs Monument to cherish the memory of the heroes and receive revolutionary traditional education. Li Yubin successively received more than 10,000 visitors from inside and outside the road and gave more than 300 lectures on a voluntary basis. "Every explanation is not only a memory and remembrance of the martyrs, but also a spur and encouragement to myself." He said.

The 41-year-old Li Yubin loves the bridge and protects the bridge, telling the story of the bridge, and has already regarded the bridge as his "second home". His small home is in the downtown area of Sanmenxia, less than 50 kilometers away from the work area, but he seldom goes home and is often on duty in the work area during holidays. In everyone's eyes, Li Yubin is a meticulous and real person. The work area is located in a mountainous area with inconvenient transportation. Workers spend more time with their families than their families. In order to unite the employees, Li Yubin always pays attention to the changes in the employees' thoughts and moods and family conditions, often talks with the employees, and deeply understands the actual needs of the employees. When the employees are in difficulties, he will take up the post by himself, so that the employees can handle housework with peace of mind. Workers in the work area have to go to the town 10 kilometers away to purchase food and fresh vegetables. Li Yubin takes the initiative to act as a voluntary purchaser and drives a private car to purchase daily necessities every few days to provide logistical support for everyone.

Under the leadership of Li Yubin, the work area has become a big warm family: the work area’s small courtyard is clean and tidy, and there is no debris; the small vegetable garden is full of life, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and other growth are gratifying; the canteen’s dishes are balanced and delicious... …

Today, more than 70 years have passed since Yang Liandi’s feat of ascending here. Generations of railway people have enriched the connotation of Yang Liandi’s “spiritual of ascending” with dedication and responsibility. Standing in front of the Yang Liandi Martyrs Monument, Li Yubin firmly Say: I will keep telling the story of Hero Bridge! Editor/He Yuting