International pipeline men fought in the Middle East

Seetao 2021.09.02
  • More than 400 pipeline people in Iraq and other Middle East regions demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of pipeline people

Over the years, under the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiative, and inspired by the national strategy of going global, international pipelines have spread projects in more than forty countries and regions. They have vigorously promoted the Daqing spirit, the iron man spirit, and the August 3rd spirit in project construction; Gradually condense the mangrove spirit that roots overseas and become a single forest; sum up the camel spirit of bearing hardships and standing hard work, loyalty and responsibility. Today, international pipeline people do not forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, move forward courageously, and are invincible, fully demonstrating the spirit of international pipeline people.

"You must drink plenty of water when you go back!" Wang Zhuojun of the Iraqi Halfaya Export Project Department urged the employees who were going to return to the camp. The high temperature of 50 degrees Celsius in Iraq tests their physical fitness and the perseverance of front-line personnel.

In July, a heat wave hit the entire Middle East. More than 400 pipeline employees in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Iraq are undergoing high temperature tests. In order to ensure everyone's health, all project departments are trying their best to prevent heatstroke from employees.

"Set up insulation barrels at the resident and construction site to ensure the uninterrupted supply of hot water, ice water, lemonade, salt water..." The Abu Dhabi crude oil storage tank maintenance project issued 11 measures to prevent heatstroke and reduce temperature, from preparations before departure to At the end of the work, from the scene to the logistics, the production and life safety of the on-site employees are fully protected. In order to avoid the nuisance of mosquitoes, snakes and rats, the Saudi NGCP project department strictly controls sanitation and strictly implements garbage classification and centralized management. After collection, it is handed over to a professional company for disposal and disinfection, and it is placed around the camp, around single-row houses and dead corners in the camp. Sprinkle with realgar powder to build a line of defense. In order to prevent heatstroke, the cafeteria has also worked hard. The Abu Dhabi Crude Pipeline Project Department prepares food and refreshing fruits every day. "The weather is hot, I fell in love with the fire. Fortunately, the canteen has mung bean soup and watermelon." Xun Zifan, an employee of the construction department, felt that although the weather was very hot, the camp canteen was very heartwarming.

In fact, working in the Middle East, the harsh climate is only one of the challenges faced by employees. The protection of employees is far from enough to prevent heatstroke and cool down.

Various projects in the Middle East have done a good job of normalizing the epidemic prevention and control. The Halfaya Export Project Department squeezed out funds from the budget to build sub-campus to facilitate employees to work nearby, reduce personnel mobility, and reduce the risk of infection. The Abu Dhabi crude oil pipeline project department cancelled the dinner party. Whenever a traditional festival comes, the camp canteen will improve the food. Although the meals are eaten by themselves, the employees still feel warm when looking at the "taste" that belongs to the festival. Due to the need for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, camp personnel cannot go out casually. In order to strengthen the cultural construction of the camp, various project departments have organized various cultural and sports activities. Recently, the Oman National Company is organizing fun football, badminton and other games to enrich everyone's leisure life.

In order to build energy pipelines away from their homeland, the project department tried every means to make employees feel the warmth of home. How to make young employees adapt to work as soon as possible without wanting to live at home? The UAE National Company has used a lot of brains. They combined job narration activities with a mentor system. Leading cadres took the lead in sharing experiences so that young people would avoid detours. The mentor cared for all aspects from work to life, and eased the loneliness of young people away from home.

Zheng Chaoming, an employee of the Saudi NGCP project, recalled the incident at the beginning of the month, and his heart was still full of gratitude. It turned out that Zheng Chaoming, who was ready to return to China, was suddenly notified that the flight was blown, and his original plan was disrupted. The elderly in the family were sick and hospitalized, and the children needed to queue up for enrollment in elementary school. This made Zheng Chaoming's lover feel exhausted, and Zheng Chaoming, who was trapped abroad, was even more anxious. Upon learning of this matter, the project department immediately asked domestic colleagues to contact Zheng Chaoming's lover and helped queuing through the admission procedures. Zheng Chaoming didn't know the whole process. He didn't know that it was the project department who helped solve the urgent problems until his wife talked about it.

Always thinking about employees and solving problems for them is the consistent philosophy of the pipeline bureau. Speaking of the company’s care for employees, Xun Zifan also shared the condolences the company sent home during the Spring Festival and the condolences letters to family members, “We work overseas, but on traditional holidays, the company will send gifts to family members. It feels very warm!" He said with a smile. Editor/He Yuting