A affectionate confession from the Xinjiang guy from Beijing Urban Construction

Seetao 2021.09.02
  • From the stage to the understage of the hot construction site, the young Xinjiang guy Ekebar Abuli is a well-known protagonist

Akbar Abuli is a young Uyghur employee of the Second Company of Beijing Urban Construction Group. He participated in the performance of the Group's Fifth Corporate Culture Week. He said that this experience gave him a fundamental change and sublimation in his mind and spirit, and he realized "the transition from a supporting role to a protagonist." He wrote affectionately Uighur: جۇڭگو كوممۇنىستىك پارتىيەسى مېنىڭ مەنىۋى ماكانىم, بېيجىڭ شەھەر قۇرۇلۇشى گۇرۇھى مېنىڭ ئىككىنچى ماكانىم (Communist Party of China is my spiritual home, Beijing Urban Construction always be my second home!)

Today, we walked into his story together: "The Transition from a Supporting Role to a Protagonist".

I'm not a good actor. Perhaps, readers and friends are puzzled by the title of "Transformation from Supporting Role to Protagonist"? However, by participating in the performance of the Fifth Corporate Culture Week of Beijing Urban Construction Group, I have undergone a fundamental change and sublimation in my mind and spirit. In the melodrama "Battle Little Tangshan Again", I was just a supporting actor with a dancer without a line. In the sonorous dance steps, every movement affected my continued sublimation, and the audience returned to the fiery building. On the construction site, I am a well-known protagonist, and I will contribute the power of a Xinjiang Uyghur youth on the new journey towards the second centenary goal!

In the northwestern part of the territory of the People's Republic of China, there is a vast territory that occupies about one-sixth of the land area. This is the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. In my mind, Xinjiang is not only a vast territory and beautiful territory, it is also my hometown. I was born in a Uyghur family in Kashgar. My grandmother is an old party member in the 1960s. She has personally experienced the vigorous development of New China and was deeply blessed by the Chinese Communist Party. On the occasion of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, grandma received the "Glorious 50 Years in the Party" commemorative medal from the Party Central Committee. The glory spanning half a century is concentrated in this heavy medal. She often taught me to "gratulate the party, listen to the party, and follow the party." Since childhood, the party has been deeply imprinted in my heart.

I am lucky and happy. I was born in a peaceful age and enjoy the fruits of the development of the great motherland. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has always paid attention to the economic and social development of Xinjiang and insisted on the concept of giving priority to education. At the age of 16, under the care of the party, I walked out of the desert for the first time in my life, out of Xinjiang, from Shanghai to the capital Beijing, studying all the way, growing up all the way, and was admitted to Beijing North China University of Technology at the age of 20. As a major in civil engineering, in 2020, I will join the Beijing Urban Construction Second Company, which is a "born" in infrastructure engineering.

2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and it also celebrates the 38th birthday of Beijing's urban construction enterprises. With the theme of "Follow the Party forever", the Group's Fifth Corporate Culture Week Conference presented the glorious history of Urban Construction Group in the form of performances and confession.

As a young Uyghur employee who has just participated in urban construction work, I have the honor to participate in the conference sitcom "Fighting Xiaotangshan Again". The story of the show tells the story of SARS raging in 2003 and Beijing's urban construction was in danger and completed Xiaotangshan in 7 days and 7 nights. Hospital. After 17 years, the new crown pneumonia struck, Beijing Urban Construction once again stepped forward, 3000 employees fought against Xiaotangshan, 30 days to complete the special experience of the reconstruction and expansion of Xiaotangshan Hospital. Our performance was a complete success and aroused strong resonance and unanimous praise from the audience.

This is the first time in my life to participate in theatrical performances. I still remember that I was disturbed when I was notified of the rehearsal of the program. Ashamed, although I inherited the simple folk customs of the Uyghurs, I failed to inherit the excellent genes of the Uyghurs to be good at singing and dancing. I am good at facing the technical problems of the project construction site, and I am a layman in the face of performances. But these worries were completely dispelled from the moment I joined the rehearsal team. What I saw before my eyes were the bright and spacious rehearsal hall, professional director team, approachable leaders, and colleagues from various companies in the group. In two words To express it-shock!

I practiced countless times before rehearsing for the first time. I threw myself into the performance, and I didn’t get the approval of the director and the teacher. There were many shortcomings in the performance, such as the lack of firmness in the eyes and the lack of appeal... But it didn’t dispel me. Enthusiasm, the more important the task, the more dare to bear, the more difficult the more forward, is the outstanding character of Beijing Urban Construction people, my predecessors bravely be "retrograde" in the face of the epidemic, fighting on the battlefield of "Xiaotangshan", and I am Although a young employee of Beijing Urban Construction failed to fight side by side with them, he was fortunate to be a participant in this show. This is also completing an important inheritance task. This stage is my battlefield. The teacher increased the intensity of the rehearsal, and led us to practice repeatedly every day, each movement, each expression one by one refinement, consideration, repeated problems, correction problems, until every detail is clear. In the end, our program was screened and reviewed, and was on the stage. After the show, there was a constant applause from the audience.

When I walked off the stage, I was very excited. I immediately confessed my good wishes to my parents and grandma, and sent pictures and videos of my performance. Looking back on this month’s rehearsal experience, I often remembered the teacher’s saying "Amateur actors fight passion and faith". When I returned to my job, I was a protagonist of architecture with a high head and chest, and there were also on the construction site What can stump my difficulties? I changed from a supporting role to a protagonist, do you believe it? Editor/Sang Xiaomei