BICES 2021 Into the Series: Secretary-General Wu Peiguo visited CSCEC

Seetao 2021-09-03 16:56
  • Taking BICES 2021 as an opportunity to promote the development of construction industry and equipment manufacturing industry

Some representatives took a group photo after the meeting

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On September 2, 2021, Wu Peiguo, Secretary-General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) and Chairman of Beijing Tianshi Huagong International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Exhibition Company), Wang Jinxing, Deputy Secretary-General of the Association, Xia Wei, Deputy General Manager of the Exhibition Company, etc. The delegation organized a visit to the professional user audience of the 16th China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (BICES 2021) , Was warmly received by leaders such as Zhang Xiaokui, general manager of the project performance management department of China State Construction Group, and Li Jianwei, deputy general manager.

Zhang Xiaokui first extended a warm welcome to the visit of Secretary-General Wu Peiguo, and then introduced the situation of China State Construction Group. He said that China State Construction Group mainly uses the listed company China State Construction Co., Ltd. There are more than 100 listed companies and more than 100 secondary holding subsidiaries. It is the world’s largest engineering contractor and ranked 13th in the latest Fortune 500; on the function of the project performance management department as China State Construction Group’s equipment procurement management and project performance, and The equipment usage of the current project was introduced, indicating that the association, as a professional organization in the construction machinery industry, especially equipment manufacturing companies, hopes to strengthen exchanges, establish a normal communication mechanism, and timely feedback equipment usage and suggestions to the manufacturing companies, and rely on the equipment Intelligentization to accelerate the intelligentization of the construction industry; taking BICES 2021 as an opportunity, organize bureaus and related partners in the system to visit the exhibition to learn and exchange new technologies, new products and new construction methods in the industry, and to purchase large-scale equipment after the visit Hold internal seminars on topics such as, management, and maximizing benefits during the life cycle. At the same time, we hope to hold discussions and exchanges with relevant exhibitors and equipment users, and hold salons and other activities to promote the common high-quality development of the construction industry and the equipment manufacturing industry.

Li Jianwei introduced the equipment situation of the group and said that the construction industry needs the support of smart equipment to build smart construction sites. He hopes to strengthen communication with associations and industry manufacturers, and play the leading role of China State Construction Group as the construction industry, starting with some industries. Intelligent upgrades will be carried out in terms of industrialization and partial industrialization to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of equipment use, and improve the management model and level. At the same time, the visit organization of BICES 2021 will be further implemented in the follow-up, and equipment procurement management personnel will be organized systematically to visit the exhibition.

First of all, Wu Peiguo thanked General Manager Zhang Xiaokui and Deputy General Manager Li Jianwei for their warm reception, and thanked China State Construction Group for its strong support to the work of the association and BICES. This visit is mainly to further strengthen the contact and exchanges with China State Construction Group, introduce the work of the association and the preparations for BICES 2021, listen to ideas and suggestions on industry work and BICES exhibition work, and invite to attend BICES 2021. At that time, China State Construction Group will organize equipment procurement, management and related personnel to visit and exchange at the BICES 2021 exhibition site to express welcome, and will continue to in-depth cooperation in the next step, and conduct preliminary discussions on the establishment of a linkage mechanism between equipment manufacturing enterprises and user units. Promote the joint high-quality development of the construction machinery industry and the construction industry and work together.

Wang Jinxing introduces the operation of the industry

Xia Wei introduced the preparations for BICES 2021

Yang Chongyi and Xiang Hongjun, business managers of the project performance management department, attended the meeting. Editor/Sang Xiaomei