Turkgan Kurgao is the leader in getting rich and a good guardian of the border!

Seetao 2021.09.06
  • Turgan, always remember the responsibilities of the soldiers of the Corps

Located in the second company of Tuoyun Ranch, 3rd Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in the Pamirs, Turgan Kur is famous. He promoted scientific breeding technology, donated money and materials for the employees in need, and led everyone to get rid of poverty and become rich. Turkán always kept in mind the responsibilities of the soldiers of the XPCC, rooted in the plateau, and dedicated silently. He is the leader of the second company in getting rich and the close attention of the employees. He has won many honors such as the "National May 1st Labor Medal".

On September 1, 47-year-old Turkán said that as a member of the Corps and a Communist Party, it is my duty and mission to guard the border for the motherland and lead the masses to increase their incomes and become rich.

Turkgan was born and raised in Tuoyun Ranch. Before his father retired, he was an animal epidemic prevention officer in the company and a party member. The father has always taught the children to love the motherland, to be self-reliant, to work hard to get rich, and to make selfless dedication. "Er Company is close to the border, and horses are an important means of transportation when patrolling the border. There are not many animal epidemic prevention officers in the ranch. Every time the horses of the border company get sick, the father will rush to see the horses immediately and never charge money." Turkhan said.

Under his father's precepts and deeds, Turkheim relied on the party's policy of benefiting the people, and with the spirit of enduring hardships and standing hard work, pioneering and innovative spirit, wading a way to get rich on the plateau. "Turkgan is a farming expert in our company. Not only his own breeding business is booming, but he also helps other employees. He will pass on scientific breeding techniques to everyone on the way of grazing and in the fields." Hu Tinghui, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Second Company of Yun Ran said.

In the past, company employees used traditional grazing and free-range methods to raise sheep. Due to limited pasture resources, it was difficult to raise "fat and strong" sheep, and it was difficult for farmers to increase their income. Turkkan promoted the breeding model of "grazing + supplementary feeding" in the company, encouraging everyone to raise sheep in groups. The lambs are intensively raised in the company, supplemented with feed in the morning and evening, and regularly conducted epidemic prevention and deworming. In this way, the growth rate, body condition and body condition of the sheep are much better than that of free-range breeding. Hu Ting will say: "Now, almost every sheep in our company can raise up to 30 or 40 kilograms, and the price has increased a lot."

In order to further increase the income of the employees, Turkheim is discussing with Hu Tinghui about registering a brand for the sheep raised by the company. He said: "Erlian sheep are all athletes. They have to climb high mountains to eat grass. Therefore, the meat quality is very good. Such a good sheep should be sold at a higher price."

Turkkan is also known for its enthusiasm. It not only helps employees increase their income by imparting scientific breeding technology and broadening sales channels, but also doing their best to solve life problems for everyone. When Erlian employee Ulayin Yitzhak was young, his parents died of illness, making life difficult. Turkheim took care of him as a brother and gave him 20 lambs to help him develop breeding and guide him to create a better life through struggle. Nowadays, Wulayin has raised more than 200 sheep, and his life is sweet and sweet. He said gratefully: "Turkgan is my big brother, and I will do what he can to help people in difficulty in the future."

Use their own trucks to help company employees pull supplies and forage for free; donate money and materials to widows, widows, and needy employees to help them solve their problems in life; sponsor more than 10 students with difficulties in their families to realize their college dreams... The good things that Ergan has done are too numerous to list.

A herder is a sentry, and a yurt is a sentry. When Turkkan goes up the mountain to graze, he always has to walk around the border before he feels at ease. Repairing broken barbed wire is something he often does during his side patrols. He patrols on horseback and travels more than 40 kilometers at a time, and at least three times a week. For more than 20 years, he has never stopped regardless of rain or snow.

"I love my motherland and my beautiful hometown. For the sake of the peace on the border and the happier life of the fathers and villagers, I am willing to give more." Turkgan said, "I will continue to patrol and protect the borders and work with the company staff. Protect every inch of the motherland together." Editor/He Yuting