1.3 billion dollars! Zanzibar builds Africa's second tallest building

Seetao 2021-09-06 16:04
  • The US$1.3 billion Domino Commercial Building is Africa’s first truly iconic global tourism and entertainment destination
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According to reports, a 70-story spiral building will be built on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania, which will become the tallest building in Africa after the iconic tower in Egypt.

The $1.3 billion Zanzibar Domino Commercial Building was developed on an artificial island by Tanzania's AICL Group and Edinburgh-based investment company Crowland Management.

The design was designed by xCassia, an architecture, design and branding firm based in New York and Dubai, and is similar to the domino tower proposed for Halong Bay in northeastern Vietnam, which was discontinued due to the pandemic.

The 370,000 square meter mixed-use development project consists of 360 “dominos” and surrounds the yacht marina. It will contain 560 residential apartments and two luxury hotels. AICL Group Executive Chairman Youssef Amour commented that its goal is to create "Africa's first truly iconic global tourism, entertainment, cultural and conference destination." Jean-Paul Cassia, the founder of the architect, said that after he played a domino game with his father and two sons, he thought of this design in 2009.

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He said: "For more than ten years, I have been dreaming of building this project. Between its inherent mathematical order and the geometric shapes found in nature, it evokes pure lines and proportions of growth, progress, and freedom. It has all the bearings with icons that anyone can remember and draw on a napkin. What it lacks is just the right visionary investors and websites to implement it." The start date of the Zanzibar Tower has not yet been announced.Editor/Baohongying