2021 Results of the Gibraltar Economic Development Department

Seetao 2021-09-08 11:26
  • The signing of a cooperation agreement between the two parties directly promoted the economic prosperity of Gibraltar
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At the “Smart Construction Green Development Summit Forum” of the 2021 Service Trade Fair held on September 5, Beijing Construction Engineering International Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and the Gibraltar Ministry of Economic Development formally signed a framework agreement to participate in the local elderly apartments and coastal areas in the form of general contracting. 15 key infrastructure and public construction projects such as renovation, stadiums, playgrounds, and community storage. These projects constitute Gibraltar's "National Economic Development Plan", which aims to initiate large-scale urban construction and renewal.

Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, across the sea from North Africa to the south and Spain to the north. It is one of the financial centers of Europe. According to the agreement, Beijing Construction Engineering, a municipal state-owned enterprise, will participate in 15 key infrastructure and public construction projects in the form of general contracting for local elderly apartments, workers' apartments, coastal renovations, stadiums, parking buildings, playgrounds, and community storage.

These projects constitute Gibraltar's "National Economic Development Plan". It is reported that the National Economic Development Plan was initiated and implemented by the Gibraltar Ministry of Economic Development. It aims to respond to the economic risks and impacts brought about by Brexit to Gibraltar by launching large-scale urban construction and renewal, so as to drive Gibraltar’s economic growth and reduce its impact. The dependence on Spanish labor and European inland imports enhances the independence of the regional economy.

At the signing ceremony, Sir Bossano, Minister of Economic Development of Gibraltar, sent congratulations via video. He said that for many years, Gibraltar and Beijing Construction Engineering have maintained a long-term and close cooperative relationship. This signing will be a business opportunity for Gibraltar to conduct more service trade with China. It is hoped that both sides will strengthen interconnection and work together for the economic development of the two countries.

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Fan Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Construction Engineering Group, said that Gibraltar and China are thousands of miles apart, across mountains and seas, and that they can choose to cooperate with Beijing Construction Engineering, which fully reflects the full recognition of China's speed, China's intelligent manufacturing, capital state-owned enterprises, and the quality of the first good. And highly certain. Beijing Construction Engineering will adhere to the spirit of empowering craftsmen with technological innovation, and offer Beijing solutions, Beijing wisdom, and Beijing power to serve the urban construction and economic development of Gibraltar.Editor/Xing Wentao