Datang sets up all branches in Afghanistan

He Xinwenshi Author :Ho New 2021.09.09
  • During the Gaozong period of the Tang Dynasty, the Tiaozhi Dudu Mansion was established in the Hadaluo branch

In the first year of Tang Longshuo (661), the Tiaozhi Dudu Mansion was established, which belonged to Anxi Duhu Mansion. The ruling place was in the city of Fubosedan (also known as the city of Hesina) in the Hadar tribe at that time, which was in Nanghazni, Kabul, Afghanistan, and was abandoned in the middle of the 8th century.

(Regarding the place where Li Bai lived, Li Yangbing’s "The Preface to The Caotang Collection" said it was a branch, and it should be here in Afghanistan. Fan Chuanzheng’s "Li Gongxin Tombstone" said it was in Kyrgyzstan. The two theories are different. No conclusions have been reached. Guo Moruo reconciles the second theory that "Tiaozhi is a wider area of the college name, Xiaoye is a small proper name for a town, and Xiaoye belongs to Tiaozhi.")

Hadaluo Branch (Sanskrit: Jaguda), the name of the country in the Western Regions of the Tang Dynasty. "Book of Sui" was used for the state of Cao, "Story of the Western Regions of the Great Tang Dynasty" was used for the state of Caoju, "Book of New Tang" and "Zhu Guozhuan to the Five Heavens" were used for the state of Cao, the guardian Rosatana and so on.

The capital of the tribe of Khadaluo is in the city of Hesina-present-day Nanghazni, Kabul, Afghanistan. "Story of the Western Regions of the Tang Dynasty" and others are composed of Hexina City and Fu Bao Se Dian City.

Ghazni, also known as Gizni, is located in eastern Afghanistan. According to Yun, it was once the capital of the ancient Persian Ghaznavid Dynasty (a1-Ghaznawiyun, 962~1186), and is now the capital of Ghazna Province. Kabul is in its northeast. Near the Ghazni River, 2219 meters above sea level, adjacent to Pakistan. The population is mainly Tajik (that is, ancient Dashi, Persian) people.

In the first year of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty (661), Wu Zetian decided to set up the Tiaozhi Dudu Mansion in Hadaluo Branch. It was one of the Jiji Dudu Mansion of Anxi Duhu Mansion, which operated until the middle of the 8th century.

The Tang Dynasty changed the Hedalo branch to Xie Fengri, and governed the city of Hesina, the Lingtiao branch (present-day Jardak, Zabul province, Afghanistan), Xiliuzhou (present-day Ghazni, Ghazni province, Afghanistan), Yuquan Prefecture (present-day Shahjai, Zabul Province, Afghanistan), Liqi Prefecture (present-day Grishk, Helmand Province, Afghanistan), Weichen Prefecture (present-day Uruzgan, Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan), Giant Sparrow State (present-day Spinbuldak, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan), Yizhou (present-day Helmand Province, Afghanistan), Xihai State (present-day Addinhull, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan), Zhenxi State (present-day Afghanistan (Busterburg, Ermand Province), Qiantuo Prefecture (now Kandahar, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan) ten states.

Western Sinologists Sha Wan, Percy and Chinese historian Cen Zhongmian, etc. believe that the Hadara tribe is the Zunbils in Arab sources.

In the middle of the 8th century, the Khadaluo tribe was occupied by the Arab Empire, and all the capitals were abolished. Editor/He Yuting