2021 Silk Road Maritime International Cooperation Forum held in Xiamen

Seetao 2021.09.09
  • The conference promoted the promotion of high-quality service standards in maritime transport as the leading

On the afternoon of September 8, 2021, the 2020 "Silk Road Maritime Transport" International Cooperation Forum was officially held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Silk Road Shipping: The Road to High-Quality Development", this forum set up a keynote speech and "Silk Road Shipping" express route around the vision of "to discuss port and shipping cooperation, build Silk Road channels, and share economic and trade prosperity". The release, the award of new members of the "Silk Road Maritime" alliance, the research results of the "Silk Road Maritime" service standard system, and the release of the "Silk Road Maritime" Blue Book. Xu Lirong, chairman and party secretary of COSCO SHIPPING Group, attended the main forum in the form of video and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Logistics Supply Chain: Primary Responsibility for Global Economic and Trade Recovery under the Epidemic".

Xu Lirong said in his speech: The gradual recovery of major global economies and the recurrence of the epidemic on a global scale have brought major opportunities and challenges to the world's shipping and port industries. A safe, efficient, and smooth logistics supply chain has become the first priority for the return of economy and trade to normalcy. Take charge. The maritime industry has to shoulder three "responsibilities." As an indispensable part of international trade, shipping logistics undertakes most of the shipping tasks of global trade. During the critical period, we should focus on the two aspects of "industrial chain cooperation" and "customized provision". Optimize resources to "focus on efficiency", continue to increase investment in transportation capacity, and improve circulation efficiency; innovate the model to "focus on high-end", launch high-end services such as "contactless logistics, end-to-end full logistics", and develop "land to water, land to rail, and air reform" New paths such as "water and air to sea".

The application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, Internet of Things, and 5G in the field of logistics supply chain shows two obvious trends of platformization and intelligence. Most of the large shipping and logistics companies in the industry have established their own platforms and changed from the original "Internal integration" expands to "External integration"; using blockchain, data sharing and other technologies to empower transportation and logistics wisdom, optimize processes and collaborative efficiency, and promote the realization of visibility and control of the entire logistics.

 In the past year, the first batch of “Silk Road Maritime Transport” provincial-level support policies was promulgated, the international rail-sea combined transport Xiamen return transit train was launched, the “Silk Road Maritime Transport” alliance was operating normally, and the “Silk Road Maritime Transport” automatic weather observation station was completed and put into use. The container ship "Hyundai Gdansk" with the world's largest loading capacity berthed at Xiamen Port, Tianjin Port Group and Hyundai Merchant Shipping Company of South Korea joined the "Silk Road Shipping" alliance, Fuzhou Port "Silk Road Shipping" express route maiden voyage, "Silk Road" Important node events such as the official opening of the "shipping" express route and the "import direct delivery" channel have pushed port and shipping cooperation, logistics services, and economic and trade exchanges to a whole new level, opening a new chapter in the construction of Fujian's "sea silk".

At present, the "Silk Road Shipping" alliance has 183 member units, including the world’s top 20 container shipping companies Hyundai Merchant Marine, SITC International Holdings, etc.; the top ten domestic ports Shandong Port Group, Tianjin Port (Group ), Xiamen Port Holdings Group; important ports along the “Belt and Road”, the Port of Gdansk, Poland, and the Port of Hambantota, Sri Lanka; high-tech enterprises, Jingyi Software, Zhongke San'an, and the Ministry of Transport Water Transport Research Many domestic universities and scientific research institutions, such as the Academy, Jimei University, Xiamen University "One Belt One Road" Research Institute.

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"Silk Road Maritime Transport" service standards have covered port services, transit guarantee services, multimodal transport services, etc., involving ship joint inspection, channel passage, container handling, collection and distribution, sea-rail combined transport, international transit and internal branch line transshipment, etc. The overall efficiency of the logistics link has been improved. From January to August 2020, 62 "Silk Road Shipping" named routes have opened 1,599 voyages, completing a container throughput of 1.4234 million TEUs. Editor/Xing Wentao