China-ASEAN Nuclear Technology and NuclearEnergyCooperation and DevelopmentForum

Seetao 2021.09.10
  • In this nuclear energy cooperation, China will work with ASEAN to develop more comprehensive and safer nuclear energy technology

The China Isotope and Radiation Industry Association and China National Nuclear Corporation will hold the "China-ASEAN Nuclear Technology and Nuclear Energy Cooperation and Development Forum" on September 11, 2021 during the ASEAN Expo.

The "China-ASEAN Nuclear Technology and Nuclear Energy Cooperation Forum" aims to deepen ASEAN countries’ understanding of China’s nuclear technology applications, nuclear energy technology products and services, expand the propaganda effect of the Expo, demonstrate the good-neighborly friendship between China and ASEAN, and establish a strategy for peace and prosperity Cooperation partnerships, exploring the integration points and cooperation modes of China-ASEAN nuclear technology application and economic and trade cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, cultivating new growth points for China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation, opening up new markets, building technology, economic and trade cooperation mechanisms, and promoting my country’s nuclear technology and Business exchanges and pragmatic cooperation between nuclear energy and ASEAN countries.

Keywords: engineering construction, engineering news

Through the combination of online and offline methods, the forum innovated the all-round display mode of booth + forum, and built a new exchange platform in the field of nuclear energy and nuclear technology for the relevant member units of China National Nuclear Corporation and the Isotope Industry Association and partners in ASEAN and Pakistan. The expo added brilliance and splendor.Editor/Xing Wentao