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Datang Haitou signed an agreement withZhejiang Research Instituteof Energy China

Seetao 2021.09.10
  • Datang Haitou and China Energy Construction Zhejiang Institute will join hands to enter overseas markets

On September 7, 2021, Li Deyong, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Haitou Company, was invited to Hangzhou to participate in the signing ceremony of the overseas project development strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Energy Construction Zhejiang Electric Power Design Institute and to have discussions with the other party. Shen Youxing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Zhejiang Academy of Sciences, attended the meeting and delivered a welcome speech. Qian Yajie, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Academy of Sciences, presided over the signing ceremony.

In his welcome speech, Shen Youxing introduced the development history of China Energy Construction Zhejiang Institute. He said that since the establishment of Zhejiang Institute over 60 years ago, its business has involved more than 20 domestic provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and 26 countries including Indonesia, and its cooperation with Datang at home and abroad has a long history. At present, Zhejiang Research Institute is cooperating with the engineering survey and design services of the 2X225MW thermal power project in Milawu, Indonesia by Haitou Investment Corporation, and is also conducting preliminary development cooperation on photovoltaic projects. He said that in the future, Zhejiang Research Institute will continue to closely cooperate with Haitou Investment Corporation in the development of projects in the "Belt and Road" countries.

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Li Deyong introduced the development of Datang Group's overseas business. He expressed gratitude to Zhejiang Institute for its support and cooperation in the Milawu thermal power project and related photovoltaic projects in Indonesia. He believed that under the current situation of COVID-19 superimposed on international relations and global economic recession, Therefore, the central enterprises' "holding groups to go to sea" highlights the importance. Haitou and Zhejiang Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the basis of the good cooperation in the early stage, which will help the two parties to deepen cooperation in the Belt and Road countries, overcome difficulties together, and achieve strategic mutual wins. Relevant personnel from the Market Development Department and representative office of Haitou Company participated in the signing ceremony. During this trip, Li Deyong and his entourage visited Zheneng Changxing Ground Photovoltaic Power Station and Zhejiang Datang International Shaoxing Jiangbin Thermal Power Co., Ltd. for inspection.Editor/Xing Wentao