Yangzi Petrochemical's refining structure adjustment project starts construction

Seetao 2021.09.13
  • The project will construct 8 sets of main installations and related auxiliary facilities, with a total investment of 5.17 billion yuan

On September 9, 2021, the construction of an area of Yangzi Petrochemical's refining structure adjustment project officially started.

Refinery structure adjustment project

The refining structure adjustment project aims at transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency, and focusing on increasing the production of chemical raw materials to maximize the advantages of refining and chemical integration. The project covers an area of about 25.5 hectares, and a total of 8 sets of main installations and related auxiliary facilities have been constructed. The total investment is 5.17 billion yuan.

The project is divided into three areas. One area will build 4 sets of key equipment including 2.8 million tons/year catalytic cracking unit, 700,000 tons/year gas separation unit, 1.5 million tons/year S-zorb unit and product refining. Both the catalytic cracking unit and the S-zorb unit adopt Sinopec's own technology. The area under construction this time will be the first to carry out the civil foundation construction of the 700,000 tons/year gas separation plant propylene tower and other related equipment.

Yangzi Petrochemical's refining structure adjustment project is one of the key construction projects of Sinopec. The project is to integrate into Sinopec's "one base, two wings and three new" industrial structure and build a bridgehead for Nanjing's refining and chemical integration base. It carries Yangzi Petrochemical's important task of reshaping its image and regaining its leadership. In the future, after the completion of the project, it will achieve an appropriate increase in the production of high-quality clean oil products, reduce low-value-added products such as diesel and petroleum coke, and realize the product structure without changing the primary processing capacity of crude oil and increasing the discharge of pollutants. The re-optimization of the industrial chain and the re-upgrading of the industrial chain, while meeting the latest and highest safety and environmental protection standards, will optimize the industrial structure, drive the upgrading of the surrounding industrial chain, and promote the efficient development of regional transformation. Editor/He Yuting