China's First Metallurgical Consortium welcomes large orders from Henan

Seetao 2021.09.14
  • The construction of this project is the key to the smooth progress of urban renewal projects around Puyang City

Recently, the National Public Resources Trading Platform (Puyang City, Henan Province) announced the bid for the renovation project of the northeast old city of Puyang City. It was led by China First Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou China Nuclear Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd. formed a consortium to obtain the project, with a total investment of approximately 11.723 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The project is located in the northeast of the main urban area of Puyang. It is a necessary area for external traffic to enter the core area of the city via Jingkai Avenue, Weidu Street, Wenming Road, Wenhua Road, and Greentown Road. The planned total area is 13.44 square kilometers. The scope of the project is irregular, and the whole is composed of two parts. ①The east side of Jingkai Avenue: north to Fanhui Expressway, west to Jingkai Avenue, east to Wenhua Road, south to Wuyi East Road; ②The west side of Jingkai Avenue: north to Kaide Road, west to Lucheng Road (north of Greentown Road), Chanshui Road (south of Greencheng Road), east to Jingkai Avenue, south to Wuyi Road. Projects that need to be implemented outside the region can also be included upon approval.

Municipal road engineering

Newly built 22 roads including Weidu Street, Chanzhou Street and Longze Street, with a road area of about 1.5476 million square meters, and a total length of about 41.8km of newly built roads and supporting pipelines.

bridge engineering

16 new bridges and 1 interchange, with an area of approximately 46,000 square meters.

Green Project

Newly built municipal and park green areas of 2,285,700 square meters.

public facility

4 new cultural activities facilities with a construction area of approximately 84,100 square meters; 5 new primary and secondary schools with a construction area of approximately 225,400 square meters; two new hospitals with a construction area of approximately 145,800 square meters; a new sewage treatment plant.

River improvement and reconstruction project

2 newly built river channels with a length of 5.64km; 2 improved river channels with a length of 4.78km; 1 comprehensive upgrade and renovation of the regional water system of the Majia River Wetland Park, with a water system area of 287,200 square meters.

Shanty Town Renovation

The Beili Shang Village, Guanlukou, and Nanli Shang shanty towns were renovated, and the new resettlement housing construction area was 580,000 square meters (including 130,000 square meters underground).

Projects that need to be implemented outside the region can also be included upon approval. The actual amount shall prevail. Land acquisition, demolition and resettlement compensation will be provided by the project company according to the preliminary design estimate of 1.25 billion yuan, which can be used for land acquisition and demolition in the area (including transferable land) for contract use, included in the total project investment, and gradually invested according to the construction progress.

The total investment of the project is about 11.723 billion yuan, of which engineering costs are 8.794 billion yuan, other construction engineering costs are 1.995 billion yuan (including land acquisition, demolition, resettlement compensation costs about 1.25 billion yuan), reserve costs 477 million yuan, and financial costs 281 million yuan. The project company Management fees are 176 million yuan. The actual amount shall prevail. Editor/Sang Xiaomei