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China Railway Group and Guangdong Province deepen strategic cooperation

Seetao 2021.09.15
  • The two parties will cooperate in major infrastructure, highways, water and environmental protection, urban renewal, etc.

On September 14, 2021, China Railway Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Chen Yun held talks with Wang Weizhong, Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, and Qin Weizhong, Deputy Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, to further consolidate and deepen the long-term strategic cooperation relationship and improve The depth and breadth of cooperation has accelerated the implementation of cooperation projects, conducted in-depth exchanges, and reached important consensus.

Chen Yun expressed his gratitude to the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their long-term care and support for China Railway. Chen Yun said that China Railway Group keeps in mind the responsibilities and missions of central enterprises, fully integrates into the economic and social development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, takes root in Shenzhen for a long time, builds Shenzhen, and grows and advances together with the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and participates in Shenzhen rail transit, expressway, municipal administration, and housing construction. A large number of key infrastructure constructions such as ports and ports are the national team and main force in the infrastructure construction of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. In the new stage of Shenzhen's "dual zone" construction and Qianhai development, China Railway Group will further seize new opportunities for development, integrate into the new development pattern, expand new areas of development, give full play to the advantages of enterprise integration and the entire industrial chain, and strengthen Shenzhen's major foundation Innovative cooperation in the fields of facilities, municipal arterial lines, highways, water and environmental protection, urban renewal, comprehensive development of areas, etc., will take the lead and be the vanguard in the new journey of building a pilot demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Shenzhen.

Wang Weizhong welcomed Chen Yun and his entourage, and thanked China Railway Group for its important contributions to the development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone over the past 40 years. He said that Shenzhen is currently studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on July 1 and the series of important speeches and important instructions to Guangdong and Shenzhen, seizing the “dual-zone” drive, the “dual-zone” superposition, and the implementation of Shenzhen’s comprehensive Reform pilot projects, comprehensively deepen the reform and opening up of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, "double reform" demonstration and other major historical opportunities, and strive to build a pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is hoped that on the basis of the existing good cooperation, the two parties will further carry out comprehensive, multi-level and wide-field in-depth cooperation, and give full play to the advantages of China Railway Corporation's own whole industry chain including talents, technology, equipment manufacturing, investment and financing, construction management, etc., and provide better services and services. Integrate into the new development pattern, and strive to make new and greater contributions to the construction of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Zone.

Chen Yun held talks with Fan Liming, President of Shandong University

On September 13, 2021, China Railway Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Chen Yun and Shandong University President Fan Liming and his entourage held talks at the headquarters of the joint-stock company. The integration of education, the integration of science and education, and the deepening of cooperation in key projects to conduct full exchanges.

Chen Yun welcomed Fan Liming and his entourage to China Railway Group, congratulated Shandong University on its 120th anniversary celebration, and thanked Shandong University for its continuous help and support to China Railway Group. He said that China Railway Group and Shandong University have a good foundation for cooperation. He hopes that the two sides can further strengthen communication and docking, closely integrate Shandong University’s "double first-class" construction with the development needs of China’s railway industry, build a cooperation platform, and target key development areas at home and abroad. Strengthen key technology research and original technology research and development, and carry out all-round and in-depth development in personnel training and integration of production and education, scientific research and achievement transformation, joint school-enterprise cooperation platform, management consulting and brand building, resource sharing and infrastructure construction. Level cooperation.

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Fan Liming introduced Shandong University's innovation and development, talent training and discipline construction, and invited Chen Yun to participate in the 120th anniversary celebration. She said that Shandong University is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education with a long history, complete disciplines, strong strength and distinctive characteristics, and has an important influence at home and abroad. It is a world-class university (Class A) and China's current disciplines. One of the most comprehensive universities. Based on the good cooperative relationship between the two parties, Shandong University is willing to continue to utilize its advantages in scientific research and talent training, focus on the new needs of China Railway Group for talents, innovate the talent cooperation training model, meet the development needs of China Railway Group, and jointly promote school-enterprise cooperation. Win-win development. Wang Junsong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong University; Wang Shiqi, Deputy Secretary of the China Railway Party Committee, Chairman of the Labor Union, and Executive Director; Liu Baolong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President, and heads of relevant departments of the headquarters and China Railway Jinluyu Regional Headquarters (China Railway Development) attended the meeting.Editor/Xing Wentao