Ma Boxia: Although the moss flowers are small, they also learn to bloom peony

Seetao 2021.09.15
  • Ma Boxia perfectly interprets doing one line and loving one line, doing one line and doing one line carefully

One degree of electricity, one cavity of love, dedicated to the electrical profession, choose a profession, fine art, you can have no conditions, can not be without spirit, the inheritance and accumulation of pipe network people have penetrated into my blood, and my heart is back. electric.

Take root on the front line and emerge as a butterfly

In 1995, I graduated from Langfang Pipeline School majoring in electrical engineering and came to Huangdao Oil Depot. This work lasted 26 years.

During my 26 years of work, I started as an ordinary electrician apprentice, from a senior technician on duty in a substation to a maintenance electrician technician, from a company part-time training teacher to a power supply chief technician to a composite professional and technical talent. I firmly believe that if you do a job, you must do it well and to the extreme.

"It seems ordinary and the most bizarre. The achievement is easy but difficult." Since 2003, I have participated in various technical competitions held by locals, companies and oil depots more than ten times. After connecting the skills of Y-△ depressurization and detecting switch cabinet failures within 20 minutes, the hard work during this period has resulted in a lot of honors. The sweat was not in vain, and the hard work finally yielded results.

However, honors and achievements do not represent the end. In order to better meet the needs of the position for compound talents, I am already a senior electrical technician. I still insist on learning from the middle to the middle and from the middle to the middle. I learned the professional knowledge of automation instrumentation and external pipeline by myself, and became a unique compound professional and technical talent.

The switching operation ticket is a "safety instruction book" for electrical posts. I remember that when I first went to work, a 30-odd operation ticket was completed by others in 1 hour. Because I was not familiar with the equipment, the terminology, and the procedures were not understood, it took me 3 hours. For this reason, I followed my master during the day and replayed the game by myself at night. I finally learned that it takes only 15 minutes to quickly and accurately complete a switch operation ticket with more than 60 entries. From 3 hours to 15 minutes, my secret is: writing day after day, practicing year after year.

Speaking of my other "unique skills" is-connect the Y-△ start control circuit wiring within 20 minutes. The general technical competition requires employees to complete the wiring in 50 minutes, but I require myself to complete it within 20 minutes. Behind this is the effort of forcing myself to memorize wiring diagrams, various rules and regulations, and hand-painted wiring diagrams. Now the rules and regulations are as deep as a computer program in my brain.

Progress is never stopping

In studying professional technology, I have never stopped, step by step, down-to-earth, and continuously improve my business capabilities.

In 2019, during the 4 months that I participated in the production of Dongjiakou Merchant Repository, I was in charge of electrical instrument management and concurrently served as on-duty electrician, maintenance electrician, and large-tank protection.

In the evening, compile the operating procedures for generators, potentiostats, UPS and other equipment, and prepare the courseware for the next day's training for on-the-job employees.

In the four months of preparing for production, I didn't take a day off. When I saw the equipment running normally on the day of production, I was very excited.

On July 7, 2013, the Huangdao Oil Depot’s substation was out of power, which affected the normal oil transmission production. At the same time, the back-end system on the post also lost power. What's more, the UPS did not have an alarm message due to a failure.

After I rushed to the site to check, I determined that it was not a fault in the station, and immediately asked the attendant to perform a switching operation to restore the power supply. After the alarm information was displayed, I found an AC grounding alarm. Based on my experience, I judged that it was caused by the fault outside the station. Turn on arc suppression and resonance elimination, the grounding phenomenon disappears, and the problem is solved.

Let's start instead of yearning

It is my constant pursuit to apply the theory of professional and technical knowledge to daily work and improve the management effectiveness of the job.

As a part-time teacher of the standing team and a mentor of the company’s "Sanwan Adaptation" mentor team, I am responsible for training staff and supervising the effective combination of learning and application.

In addition to solving the technical problems around me, I also use the Dingding platform to answer questions for other employees at the oil delivery station at any time. It is also my most fulfilling thing to be able to help every employee who is struggling in the electrical position to solve the problem.

As a part-time training teacher of the company, I have taught more than 100 class hours over the years, and led the team to participate in company and local skill competitions as a coach three times.

Colleagues often laughed and said that I was "prescribing prescriptions." In order to improve the emergency response ability of the staff, I compiled the large and small accidents encountered into case courseware and compiled the "Transformation Operation Technical Manual", using my accumulated knowledge and experience Instructed to employees within the company, while standardizing post operation procedures, effectively avoiding risks.

Ma Boxia said: "The moss flowers are as small as rice, and I also learn to grow peonies. As a grassroots technician, I root my dream in an ordinary job, fueling the good life of the pipe network, and adding color to my good life!" Editor/He Yuting