7.24 billion! Hangzhou Linglong Town project won the bid

Seetao 2021.09.16
  • The construction of this project will change the face of the town and improve its urban management level
  • The project lays the foundation for the construction of beautiful towns and creates an atmosphere, so that Linglong’s homes are always beautiful and everywhere

A few days ago, the social investor project of the Linglong Town Project in Lin'an District, Hangzhou City announced the bid-winning candidates. The consortium of Hangzhou Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiaotong Group Co., Ltd., and China Railway Eighteenth Bureau Group Co., Ltd. won the bid for the Linglong Town Project in Lin'an District, Hangzhou City. , The total investment of the project is 7.24 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The project is located in Lin'an District, Hangzhou, and the cooperation scope of the project is about 3.71 square kilometers in Linglong Town. The project uses the development concept of "integration of regional overall investment, construction and operation", and the cooperation content includes overall project development planning, land consolidation investment, transportation roads, infrastructure and public service facilities investment and construction and operation.

Improve the preparation, optimization, and approval of documents for conceptual planning, road planning optimization research, and urban design within the scope of project cooperation. Combining the project's regional positioning and humanistic landscape planning and leading projects, build nests and attract phoenixes, and realize land consolidation investment. In accordance with the requirements of the investment plan, raise funds and carry out the investment related to land consolidation in this project.

According to project planning positioning and planning conditions, responsible for the design, investment and financing, construction and operation of traffic roads, infrastructure and public service facilities, including new schools, resettlement houses, roads and municipal pipe networks, public supporting facilities, landscape greening, etc.

According to the boundary conditions of the investment cooperation of this project, the total investment of the project within the scope of cooperation is 7.24 billion yuan, of which the engineering cost is 4.79 billion yuan, the other engineering construction costs are 2.04 billion yuan (including the cost of land acquisition and demolition of 1.8 billion yuan), and the preliminary cost is 410 million yuan.

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The construction of the project will further improve municipal facilities, improve service functions, optimize the comprehensive environment, and promote the construction of "beautiful towns" on the basis of establishing a sound system and consolidating the results of a hundred days of concentrated tackling. Editor/Sang Xiaomei