46 projects started in Chengde

Seetao 2021.09.16
  • A total of 46 projects in Chengde City were started this fall, with a total investment of 22.1 billion yuan

On September 15, 2021, Chengde will set up a main venue in Shuangluan District and branch venues in other counties (cities, districts) to simultaneously hold Chengde's autumn key projects. It is reported that 46 projects will be started in this autumn, covering "3+3" leading industries, people's livelihood development, and infrastructure upgrading.

Since 2021, Chengde City has vigorously implemented the "64158" key project, arranging 171 key projects in the city, with an estimated annual investment of 19.1 billion yuan. Among them, the construction of 118 key projects under construction has been vigorously promoted, and 17.99 billion yuan has been invested so far, which has provided strong support for the stable economic growth of Chengde City. Following the concentrated start of 152 key projects in the spring, 46 projects will be started in this autumn with a total investment of 22.1 billion yuan. The annual investment is expected to be 3.5 billion yuan, which will surely inject stronger impetus and accumulation for the high-quality development of Chengde City. For strong potential.

In the next step, Chengde will take this centralized construction activity as an opportunity to carry out in-depth key project construction and upgrade annual upgrades, further improve the full life cycle service mechanism of the project, and follow up and serve the centralized construction project and other provincial and municipal key projects. Proactively introduce projects, center on Chengde’s “3+3” leading industries and county-level “1+2” characteristic industries, and strive to introduce a number of major industrial projects with large volumes, good prospects and strong driving forces; Promote the implementation of contracted projects as soon as possible, accelerate the construction of projects under construction, and put into production as soon as possible, to form more physical workloads, and effectively increase the investment "pull force"; based on long-term projects, focus on increasing financial sources and expanding tax sources and plan to reserve a number of strategies. Strong large projects and good projects, do everything possible to squeeze into the national and provincial plates to accumulate energy for high-quality development; gather elements to protect projects, break land and capital bottlenecks, strengthen environmental protection management and control, and make every effort to ensure high-quality and efficient project progress. Editor/He Yuting