Heavy strike! XCMG large-tonnage counterbalanced forklift XCF1606K

Seetao 2021.09.16
  • XCMG uses strength and technology to continuously bring customers brand new product experience

XCMG large-tonnage counterbalanced forklift XCF1606K adopts CAN bus to carry out highly systematic and integrated joint control of engine, gearbox, hydraulic system and electronic control system. The control is efficient, the failure rate is low, and it can easily cope with various harsh working conditions.

Safe and reliable

Adopting advanced technology concepts, reasonable layout of the entire vehicle, and CAE finite element simulation analysis and optimization of large structural parts such as door frames and vehicle frames to ensure the stability and reliability of the entire vehicle.

Comfortable and convenient

It adopts a fully enclosed cab, equipped with dual-purpose air-conditioning for heating and cooling, a panoramic windshield design, a full suspension seat and an integrated follow-up control console as standard, giving the driver a comfortable and safe operating environment.

The electric tilting cab, wide-angle opening hood, external filter arrangement and inspection ports greatly facilitate the daily maintenance of the vehicle, shorten the maintenance operation time, and improve the efficiency of vehicle maintenance.

Energy saving and high efficiency

Adopting international advanced concepts and a brand-new platform design, the vehicle has a small front overhang, light weight, strong power, low energy consumption, flexible turning, and high work efficiency.

The thermal management control system is used to monitor the temperature of the engine, transmission and hydraulic oil in real time, and the precise heat dissipation of the engine, transmission and hydraulic oil is realized through the controller. Editor/Sang Xiaomei

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