Sucheng-Sihong Section Project in Jiangsu Province won the bid

Seetao 2021.09.16
  • The construction of this expressway will greatly optimize the traffic layout from Sucheng to Sihong.

On September 16, 2021, the Yancheng-Luoyang National Expressway Jiangsu Sucheng-Sihong Section Project won the bid. The project is the connecting line of Shenhai Expressway (G15) in the "National Highway Network Planning (2013-2030)"— G1516 Yanluo Expressway is an important part of the "Fifteen Shots, Six Vertical and Ten Transverses" in the "Jiangsu Province Expressway Network Planning (2017-2035)" "Horizontal and Four Lines" Binhai-Sihong Expressway . This project aims to implement national strategies such as regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta and the Belt and Road Initiative, promote the construction of the Huaihe Eco-economic Belt, build a fast inter-provincial corridor between Jiangsu and Anhui, improve the national expressway network, help poverty alleviation and development in the Chengzi Lake area, and promote the economic and social development of the regions along the route. Has an important role.

The project route starts at the intersection of Cangji Town South and Huaixu Expressway in Yanghe New District, Suqian City, and crosses Provincial Highway 268 to the southwest. It crosses the important wetland of Hongze Lake (Sucheng District) through Sucheng District and enters Sihong County. Jihe Zhuhu Town crosses the Hongze Lake flood detention area in the north (and at the same time crosses the Xuhong River planning level III waterway), and then continues westward across the Sihong Economic Development Zone in the north of Sihong City, and ends at the intersection of Xinyang Expressway and Suyang Expressway. The Hongxi hub has a total length of 38.181 kilometers. SS-1 section: the starting and ending pile numbers are K0+000~K8+100, and the total length of the route is 8.1km. SS-2 section: the starting and ending pile numbers are K8+100~K21+008.6, and the total length of the route is 12.908km. SS-3 section: the starting and ending pile numbers are K21+008.6~K30+469.8, and the total length of the route is 9.461km. SS-4 section: starting and ending stake numbers are K30+469.8~K38+181.417, and the total length of the route is 7.712km.

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The project adopts two-way four-lane expressway standard construction, the design speed is 120 km/h, and the roadbed width is 27 meters. The design of the bridge and culvert vehicle load grade is highway-I grade, and the remaining technical indicators are implemented in accordance with the "Highway Engineering Technical Standards" (JTG B01-2014) issued by the Ministry of Transport, and the mandatory provisions of the relevant national engineering technical standards are strictly implemented. Editor/Xing Wentao