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Hebei Port Group and ZTE reached a strategic cooperation

Seetao 2021.09.17
  • The cooperation between the two parties will further strengthen the strategic deployment of port digital construction

Recently, Hebei Port Group Co., Ltd. and ZTE Corporation reached a strategic cooperation. According to the agreement, the two parties adhere to the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, collaborative innovation, and common development", unswervingly implement the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, adhere to high-quality development requirements, and jointly explore 5G networks The deep integration of modern technologies such as, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence with the development of industries such as ports, logistics, and parks has established a comprehensive and in-depth strategic partnership.

Hebei Port Construction

Cao Ziyu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hebei Port Group, Li Guanjun, Deputy General Manager, Li Zixue, Chairman of ZTE Corporation, and Zhu Yongtao, Senior Vice President, attended the strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Cao Ziyu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hebei Port Group, pointed out, “I hope that through this strategic cooperation, both parties will further strengthen the strategic deployment of port digital construction, promote port management process optimization and increase production efficiency. At the same time, I hope that ZTE will give full play to its technological leadership. Focusing on the direction of digital transformation and upgrading of Hebei Port Group, we will jointly explore cooperation in smart cities, smart parks and software parks, cultivate and derive more strategic emerging industries, and promote the diversified transformation of ports."

Li Zixue, chairman of ZTE Corporation, introduced ZTE Corporation’s corporate development strategy and core technology leadership in the communications industry, and said, “In the practice of empowering industry digitization, ZTE Corporation has gradually figured out how to empower industry digitization. The plan is summarized as “combination of horizontal and vertical, internal and external circulation” to open up the dual cycle of digital transformation inside and outside the enterprise. This strategic cooperation, ZTE will rely on this set of solutions in the informatization, digitization, and digitization of industries such as ports, logistics, and parks. In terms of intelligent construction, it helps Hebei Port Group realize industry innovation and practice."

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Through the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties reached a high degree of consensus. In the future, the two parties will deepen cooperation in 5G network applications, cloud data center construction, smart ports, unmanned operations, etc., serve the construction of smart ports, safe ports, and green ports, and improve Hebei Port Group's production and operation efficiency, customer service experience, and The level of office diversification, jointly explore port information technology application innovation, and create a benchmark for localized applications in the industry.Editor/Xing Wentao