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Closure of Nanxi River Fourth Line Extra Large Bridge of China-Laos Railway

Seetao 2021.09.17
  • The total length of the bridge is 920.3m, with 14 piers and 2 piers. The highest pier #10 is 129m high and the maximum span is 128m

On September 15, 2021, the left side of the continuous girder of the Nanxi River Fourth Line Extraordinary Bridge on the Yuxi-Mohan Section of the China-Laos Railway, which was constructed by China Railway Fourth Bureau, completed the concrete pouring of the Longkou, which became the world's highest railway deck steel truss girder. After the completion of the Dunyuan River Bridge, another one-hundred-meter super-high bridge was completed, laying a solid foundation for the smooth passage of beams on the entire line.

Fully promote the construction project

The Nanxi River Fourth Line Extra Large Bridge is a key control project of the Yumo section of the China-Laos Railway. It has a total length of 920.3m. The spans are arranged as turnout continuous beams and rigid frame continuous beams. There are 14 piers and 2 piers, and the highest pier height of No. 10 is 129m. The pier body is in the form of double-column secondary slope change, and the main bridge adopts the form of rigid continuous beam with a maximum span of 128m. Huang Desheng, Engineering Director of the First Division of the Yumo Section of the China Railway Fourth Bureau, said: “As a four-lane bridge, the Nanxi River Bridge is very difficult to construct. The construction involves double-column hollow thin-walled high piers, double-column rigid frame piers, and large The continuous rigid frames with spans are all "blockers" for the smooth progress of the project."

The China-Laos Railway crosses the most geologically complex area in China. Here, mountains and rivers are crisscrossed, cliffs and karst landforms are fully developed. The section from Yuxi to Mohan is more than 500 kilometers, and the length of the foreign Laos section is more than 400 kilometers, with a bridge-tunnel ratio of 87%. , The railway is either in the hole or in the air.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the project carried out a number of special labor competition activities such as "Do 90 Days" to ensure the smooth flow of logistics, and transfer the main force of management personnel to the front line of construction, in terms of safety and quality management, key process construction, process monitoring, etc. In terms of strengthening the internal control management of the site, assisting the construction site from all angles, from the pile foundation, high piers, and large-span continuous rigid frame construction, it solved the difficult problems of jacking, tension and grouting before closing, and it was successfully completed. The closing of the right and left mid-span and secondary side spans was completed, and the continuous beam bridge was closed, creating conditions for the realization of the beam joints in October. According to Wang Qisheng, deputy commander of the Mojiang Section of the South Yunnan Railway Construction Headquarters of China Railway Kunming Bureau Group, after the closure of the Nanxi River Fourth Line Extra Large Bridge, the Yumo Section of the China-Laos Railway has completed 92.8% and 92.7% of the bridge. , Various construction projects are being fully advanced.

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The China-Laos Railway is the first international railway that adopts Chinese technical standards and uses Chinese equipment to connect with the Chinese railway network after the One Belt One Road initiative was put forward. The line has a total length of more than 1,000 kilometers. After the completion and opening to traffic, it is expected that the evening from Kunming, China to Vientiane, Laos, will be reached, and it is expected that the entire line will be opened to traffic in 2021. Editor/Tian Zengpeng