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Gezhouba International and CCCC International Cooperation!

Seetao 2021.09.17
  • This time the two parties will strengthen cooperation in overseas investment, transportation, power, mining and other business areas

On September 16, 2021, Energy China Gezhouba International Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the company) and China Communications Construction International Engineering Branch held a business exchange meeting in Beijing. The company’s Party Secretary and Chairman Lu Zexiang and China Communications Construction International Engineering Branch Party Secretary and General Manager Sun Liqiang conducted in-depth exchanges on international business cooperation. Li Pingli, deputy secretary and vice chairman of the company's party committee, Liu Huailiang, general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee, and Yun Liang, executive general manager of China Communications Construction International Engineering Branch, attended the forum.

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Lu Zexiang introduced the reform of “One Body and Two Wings” of China Energy Construction's international business and the overall situation of Gezhouba Group's international business. He said that Gezhouba Group, guided by Energy China's "Several Opinions", deeply implemented the "1466" strategy, unswervingly promoted the priority development strategy of international business, created a two-wheel drive for engineering contracting and overseas investment, and maintained the traditional advantages of water conservancy and hydropower. At the same time, actively develop new business growth points such as new energy and non-electricity. China Communications Construction is one of the first Chinese companies to "go global" with a wide range of overseas operations and obvious advantages in international operations. Energy China Gezhouba Group and China Communications Construction have always maintained good communication and cooperation. It is hoped that both parties will continue to enhance mutual trust and innovate cooperation models.

Sun Liqiang introduced the strategic positioning and development direction of China Communications Construction International Engineering Branch. He said that China Communications Construction International Engineering Branch is committed to upgrading the group's overseas development system and assumes the responsibility of promoting the development of overseas business in new fields and new construction businesses such as China Communications Construction, China Communications Construction, China Communications Environment, and China Communications Pipelines. Due to the impact of external factors such as Sino-US relations and the new crown epidemic, the current global engineering contracting market has undergone fundamental changes, which further urges capable and experienced Chinese companies to strengthen cooperation and go abroad in groups to expand the market. Both CCCC and Gezhouba have rich experience and strong strength in overseas business, and there is ample room for cooperation between the two parties. They hope to give full play to their respective advantages, join forces, and jointly promote the high-quality development of international business.

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The two parties also conducted negotiations and docking on relevant country markets and specific projects. Before the meeting, Sun Liqiang and his entourage visited the company's corporate culture exhibition hall. Company Deputy General Manager Xin Zongyi, General Manager Assistant Li Jianfeng, Head of Market Investment Department, East and South Africa Regional Branch; Deputy General Manager Ma Yingying of China Energy Construction Gezhouba Hai Investment Company, Head of Investment Division Two; Market Development of China Communications Construction International Engineering Branch Relevant persons in charge of the Ministry attended the meeting.Editor/Xing Wentao