Xinjiang Newly Won the Bid for Huanghuagou Highway Project

Seetao 2021.09.17
  • The construction of the project will greatly optimize the transportation in the area

On September 17, 2021, three companies including China Railway Fourth Bureau Group, China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, and China Communications First Public Bureau Group won the bid for the Beitun City-182 Regiment-Huanghuagou Highway Project of the Tenth Division of Xinjiang, with a total investment of 3.26 billion yuan.

The construction site of this bidding project is located on the east side of G3014 (Kui'a Expressway) Beitunnan Interchange, and is connected with the starting point of the proposed S18 (Beitun-Burqin Expressway). The route extends from the starting point to the southeast and crosses S758. Set up Fengqing Airport Interchange. After Fengqing Lake Reservoir East and Fuhai Reservoir West, 182 Regiment Interchange and Yuyue Lake Service Area will be set up in 182 Regiment. After crossing the Ulungu River, Karamagai Interchange will be set up at the intersection with S324. Continue After crossing the Yinejikexi Main Canal to the southwest, it is interconnected with the under-construction S21 (Altai-Urumqi Expressway) hub, and then the route ends near Huanghuagou, and it is connected with the Huanghuagou-184 Regiment Highway of the Tenth Division of the Planning.

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The total length of this project is 113.358Km, with 34 large and medium bridges, 45 small bridges, 170 culverts, 4 interchanges, 4 separated grades, 1 flyover, 1 service area, and toll stations 4 locations.Editor/Xing Wentao、Design/Xia Changwang