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Shandong Port Group and Anhui Port and Shipping Group deepen cooperation

Seetao 2021.09.18
  • The two parties will work together to open the asphalt industry chain and carry out cooperation along the river asphalt transfer base

On September 17, 2021, Huo Gaoyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shandong Port Group, and Li Fengli, Deputy Secretary, Director and General Manager of the Party Committee, met with the visiting Party Secretary and Chairman of Anhui Port and Shipping Group Ding Qingling and his entourage at Shandong Port Building. , To have discussions and exchanges on further deepening strategic cooperation. Shandong Port Group leaders Ma Deliang and Jia Funing, outside director and financial director Zhang Bo, Anhui Port and Shipping Group leaders Li Yimao, Du Xuanchen, and Wei Shibin attended the event. Shandong Port Financial Holding Company and Equipment Group signed strategic cooperation agreements with Anhui Port Investment Company and Anhui Port Operation Company, respectively, and the leaders of both parties signed together.

Lu Wan creates the future together

This is the second handshake between Shandong Port Group and Anhui Port and Shipping Group after half a year. On February 20, 2021, the two sides signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement to build a world-class port in Hefei, and carry out strategic cooperation in various fields such as smart and green ports, port business, reform and innovation, and talent exchange. In just over six months, the cooperation between the two sides has continued to bear fruit. Shandong Port Qingdao Port, Rizhao Port, and Bohai Bay Port have carried out pragmatic cooperation with Anhui Port and Shipping Group's Ma'anshan Port, Chizhou Port and Wuhu Port respectively on the traditional business of transferring water into the river, opening up a new channel for river-sea and river-river transportation between Shandong and Anhui. In the expansion of new business areas, Shandong Port Trading Group and Anhui Port and Shipping Group took the initiative to dock and successfully landed the first refined oil trading business. Shandong Port Financial Holding Company and Anhui Port and Shipping Group continued to promote cooperation to a deeper level.

Under the new development pattern, the complementary and coordinated development of ports and ports has become the general trend. Shandong Port is located at the intersection of the sea and land of the Belt and Road. It is the core hub of "two-way mutual aid between east and west, and linkage between land and sea". Anhui Port and Shipping Group is the main platform for Anhui Province to integrate port, waterway, shipping, port-related industries and related resources. It assumes the main responsibility of creating a new inland opening up and participating in the cooperation and division of labor between the Shanghai Port Group and the Yangtze River Delta Port Group. This in-depth cooperation will further enhance the resource allocation capabilities and collaborative innovation capabilities of the two parties, strengthen the port’s comprehensive hub function, enhance the service, radiation, and leading role of the Yangtze River Basin, the Yellow River Basin and other hinterlands, and comprehensively improve the high-quality development level of the port , To better serve major national strategies such as the “Belt and Road” initiative, ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, providing important support for building a strong transportation country and a maritime power, and maintaining the stability of the global industrial chain supply chain.

During the discussion and exchanges before signing the contract, Ding Qingling said that since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, the two ports have been frequently docked at all levels, pragmatic cooperation, and fruitful results. During the cooperation process, he felt the execution, centripetal force and cohesion of Shandong Port. The two sides formed a brotherly sincere friendship. Anhui Port and Shipping Group is vigorously implementing "port + shipping" to strengthen the supply chain, "port + park" to extend the industrial chain, "port + finance" to build a capital chain, "port + trade" to enhance the value chain, and "port + Internet" Explore the "five + five chain" development strategy such as the innovation chain, and hope that the two parties will continue to strengthen cooperation in the entire logistics, trade, financial control, port machinery manufacturing, port construction and other fields, increase scale, expand space, enlarge advantages, and in-depth build and cultivate Jianghai Link the new model of service supply chain, jointly serve the national strategy, and achieve win-win development.

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Huo Gaoyuan said that the port is a basic and pivotal facility and an important support for economic development. Focusing on the construction of a world-class marine port, Shandong Port is closely linked to the efficient development of the main port business, relying on the advantages of the port to expand its development, jumping out of the port’s stereotypes and innovating and developing, and accelerating the construction of an internationally leading smart green port, a logistics hub port, a port of industry-city integration, and a financial trading port. , Cruise Cultural Tourism Port. Shandong Port and Anhui Port and Shipping Group are geographically close, close to each other, complementary in resources, and close to family, and their strategic cooperation continues to achieve substantial results. Facing the future, Shandong Port will continue to work with Anhui Port and Shipping Group to seize national strategic opportunities such as the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the promotion of the rise of the central region, carry out pragmatic cooperation on a larger scale, broader fields and deeper levels, and jointly build a world-class The port has made new and greater contributions to the construction of a new development pattern. Before the discussion, Ding Qing led the delegation to visit the Shandong Port Exhibition Hall. Relevant directly affiliated units of Shandong Port, principals of relevant departments and offices of the headquarters and relevant responsible comrades participated in the activity.Editor/Xing Wentao