A new channel across the river has been added to the north of Changsha

Seetao 2021.09.18
  • The total length is 5.475 kilometers, the design speed is 60 kilometers per hour, and the total investment is 3.793 billion yuan

On September 17, 2021, the Changyi Double Line to Xinglian Road Grand Corridor Project (cross-river section) project kick-off activity was held in Wangcheng District, Changsha City, which marked the addition of a new main road running through the east and west in the north of Changsha City. At present, Changsha North Second Ring Road and North Third Ring Road are under heavy traffic pressure. The demand for citizens to cross the Xiangjiang River is increasing day by day, and it takes longer to travel out of the city.

Projects across the river

The Changyi Double Line to Xinglian Road Great Passage Project (cross-river section) project is located between the North Third Ring Road and the North Second Ring Road, connecting Changyi Double Line to the west. It is one of the top ten infrastructure projects in Changsha City in 2021, with a total investment of 3.793 billion yuan. The project runs along Yinxing Road and Xinglian Road, starting from the west of Yinshan Road, and finally to the west of the Tokyo-Guangzhou Railway Bridge, with a total length of 5.475 kilometers, and is connected to the Changyi double-track expressway to the west.

It is reported that the design speed of the project is 60 km/h (50 km/h in the Hedong section), and there are no traffic lights throughout the journey. The entire lane includes 6 lanes on the main line of the bridge and 4 lanes on the auxiliary road, including 10 ramps. The standard section of the bridge has a width of 25 meters. Among them, the section across the Xiangjiang River is two-way 8-lane, with a bridge deck width of 38.5 meters. The project is constructed by Changsha Transportation Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

The main bridge of the Changyi Double Track to Xinglian Road is combined with the regional characteristics of Moon Island and inspired by the shape of Moon Island. The main bridge structure adopts the form of a double-tower cable-stayed bridge, showing a full moon shape, forming a "Xiangjiang River Embroidered Moon" The landmark landscape creates a new mark for the regional landscape of Moon Island. After the project is completed and opened to traffic, it will quickly interconnect with Xiangjiang North Road and Xiaoxiang Avenue. Citizens can cross the river slowly, pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles can cross the river through non-motorized vehicle lanes and pedestrian stairs, and they can enjoy the picturesque river scenery along the way. Under the bridge, diversified green plants will be planted through rich waterfront morphology to integrate with the landscape of Yinxingwan Park to provide citizens with more leisure, walking, and fitness places to improve the comfort of life.

Noise reduction measures

According to reports, the project will adopt a series of comprehensive noise reduction measures. On the one hand, the method of combining a fully enclosed sound barrier and a vertical sound barrier is reasonably used to achieve the noise reduction effect. On the other hand, steel-concrete composite beams or concrete beams are used in dense residential areas to reduce structural noise, bridge deck paving adopts noise-reducing pavement design, and expansion joints with less noise are selected, and the installation quality of expansion joints is strengthened in the later construction process. Supervision to ensure the smoothness of the bridge deck at the location of the expansion joints and reduce vibration and noise.

He Tuolin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Changsha Transportation Group, introduced that the project is currently the largest bridge across the river in Changsha. After its completion, it will further improve the road network structure in the northern area of Changsha, effectively alleviate the traffic pressure across the river, and maximize the Changyi double line. The expressway's function of urban traffic distribution is of great significance for Changsha to accelerate the creation of a national central city and promote a new round of economic and social development. Editor/He Yuting