Gansu Province issued the 14th Five-Year Transportation Plan

Seetao 2021.09.18
  • Gansu Province accelerates the construction of comprehensive transportation channels

In order to accelerate the construction of a powerful transportation country, open up the artery of economic development. Recently, the General Office of the Gansu Provincial Government issued the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Comprehensive Transportation System in Gansu Province" (Ganzheng Banfa [2021] No. 85, hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), requiring all localities and departments to earnestly implement the plan .

The "Plan" is a key special plan of the province's "14th Five-Year Plan", consisting of four parts. The first part is the development basis and overall requirements. Through summarizing the development results and analyzing the future situation, the guiding ideology, basic principles and development goals for the development of the "14th Five-Year Plan" comprehensive transportation system are put forward. The second part is the key task, proposing key tasks such as building a high-quality integrated transportation network, optimizing the layout of integrated transportation hubs, promoting "new infrastructure" in the field of transportation, and improving the quality and efficiency of transportation service supply and governance capabilities. The third part is safeguard measures, including strengthening organization and implementation, strengthening element guarantees, and strengthening planning evaluation. The fourth part is the environmental impact assessment, clarifying the requirements for strengthening the ecological environment protection and promoting the green development of transportation.

The "Planning" proposed for the first time the construction of a comprehensive transportation corridor structure of "two corridors, six axes and ten direct connections" to further strengthen the role of transportation in supporting the integration of the province into the new development pattern. Among them, the "Two Corridors" are based on the geographical advantages of Gansu Province, the Sixth Alliance, to further promote the construction of the One Belt One Road, and build a "T"-shaped international corridor-the east-west land bridge international corridor, the north-south land-sea new international corridor to the west, and the construction is integrated into domestic and international The aorta of the dual-circulation system; the "six-axes" are supported by high-speed railways, expressways and civil aviation, building six transportation development axes centered on the Lanzhou metropolitan circle, radially connecting the surrounding important city clusters, and connecting the surrounding major node cities, and enhance Lanzhou City is the center of urban infrastructure accessibility; "Ten Direct Connections" is to promote the construction of ten direct channels between important economic nodes in the province and surrounding central cities, and expand the space for inter-provincial interaction and cooperation, with emphasis on strengthening south and east directions Unicom, smooth domestic circulation.

The "Plan" clearly proposes to further consolidate and enhance the status of Lanzhou as a hub and create the main growth pole of the province's economic and social development. Focusing on enhancing the radiating and driving effect of the Lanzhou Metropolitan Circle on the economic development of the province, speed up the optimization of the urban spatial layout and functions of the comprehensive transportation hub in Lanzhou and its surrounding areas, implement a number of urban road reconstruction and road network optimization projects, and smooth the internal traffic of the main urban area; Renovation of traffic entrances and exits in big cities, strengthen the connection between urban roads and external roads, and realize fast in and fast out of vehicles; strengthen the connection of facilities, organization, information docking, and the expansion of the travel chain, logistics chain, industrial chain, and supply chain to consolidate Lanzhou is a modern comprehensive transportation hub with a foothold in the northwest and facing the Belt and Road Initiative.

The "Plan" emphasizes the promotion of comprehensive integration and development of transportation, economy and trade, and cultural industries. Give full play to the leading role of integrated transportation in leading economic and social development and industrial agglomeration, and use the "four economies" of hub economy, high-speed rail economy, channel economy and route economy as the starting point to promote the deep integration of transportation and related industries and foster integration The development of new business formats provides strong support for the high-quality economic development of the province.

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Infrastructure investment is gradually picking up after the epidemic is under control, and the "Plan" will effectively lead the construction of transportation infrastructure in Gansu Province. In the next step, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission will focus on the implementation of the major tasks proposed in the "Plan", further strengthen work measures, intensify research on major issues, strengthen overall coordination, and promote the implementation of the "Plan" to accelerate the construction of a happy and beautiful new Gansu, Gansu, Constantly create a new situation of enriching the people and prospering Longlong to provide transportation support. Editor/Xu Shengpeng