Heavy! The cloud platform of China International Mining Conference is online

Seetao 2021.10.12
  • The conference created a comprehensive platform of gathering + exhibition + promotion

The China International Mining Conference Cloud Platform is a comprehensive online cloud platform specially built for the 2021 China International Mining Conference that integrates "conference + exhibition + promotion". Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, it is difficult for various countries and mining companies to gather in Tianjin for offline meetings. Considering that after the three-day end of each previous mining conference, their exchanges can only wait for the next one. For this reason, the China Mining Federation Starting from the demand-oriented, fully applying Internet technology and scientific and technological innovation experience, based on the combination of online and offline at the 2020 China International Mining Conference, with the strong support of China Youth Expo, the system will systematically integrate the opening ceremony and forum of the mining conference, and the exhibitors It integrates the exhibits, the promotion of various countries and the promotion of mining enterprises to form a cloud platform for the China International Mining Conference that can be updated, adjusted, communicated with each other, and can be served around the clock, so as to achieve the "never ending" effect of the mining conference.

The cloud platform uses video conference + video live broadcast for the opening ceremony, thematic forums, and thematic forums of the 2021 China International Mining Conference. The conference is broadcast live through streaming media technology, and the conference content is transmitted to more unreachable conferences in real time. The domestic and foreign guests and audience attending the conference provided an opportunity for everyone to keep abreast of relevant information and developments of the Mining Conference. The cloud platform also has a live collection function, which is convenient for online and offline participants to quickly find the meeting schedule and content of interest.

Cloud Exhibition adopts a combination of "flat exhibition hall + negotiation + interaction" to comprehensively present the 2021 China International Mining Conference online. The flat exhibition hall displays exhibitors and exhibits online in the form of "video + pictures + text". The number of exhibitors this year is nearly 250. Family. At the same time, the cloud exhibition platform will also provide exhibitors with online interactive functions such as online negotiation, collection sharing, and interactive business cards, so as to achieve a free online exhibition hall for year-round operation and display, and build an online communication platform for the domestic and foreign mining industry to realize online negotiation and negotiation. .

The promotion is a column specially built for the live promotion of national and mining enterprises. Countries and mining companies can use the China International Mining Conference cloud platform to promote and promote to the world. The content of the promotion can be submitted and updated at any time. After the promotion content is broadcast live, a review video will be generated to further enhance the communication between domestic and foreign mining industries, expand business opportunities, and Increase cooperation and promote development and prosperity.

The cloud platform of the China International Mining Conference will permanently retain the opening ceremony and forum of the conference, exhibitors and exhibits, and the promotion content of various countries and mining enterprises. The cloud platform will break the limitations of time and space and provide the domestic and foreign mining industry with "Never Ending" "’S publicity channels, display platforms and communication channels. In the next step, we will accumulate and precipitate the content of each mining conference year by year to further enrich the cloud platform. At the same time, we will continue to update, improve, optimize and upgrade the platform, so that the cloud platform will help the global mining industry faster and better under post-epidemic conditions. Development and prosperity.Editor/Xing Wentao