185 projects in Hebi City are coming

Seetao 2021.10.13
  • In the future, after being fully put into use, it will provide new impetus for the industrial transformation and upgrading of Hebi City

On October 8, 2021, in accordance with the unified arrangement of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the second phase of the "three batches" activities in Henan Province, Hebi branch event was officially held. According to the situation learned by the reporters at the event, a total of 185 projects in Hebi City participated in this "three batches" event, with a total investment of 89.324 billion yuan.

Among them, a batch of 23 projects were signed with a total investment of 20.68 billion yuan; a batch of 105 projects were started with a total investment of 44.846 billion yuan; a batch of 57 projects were put into production with a total investment of 23.798 billion yuan. It is understood that the 105 key projects started this time include not only major industrial projects with high technology content, good market prospects, and strong driving ability, but also major infrastructure and social and people’s livelihood projects that improve urban functions and improve people’s livelihood. It has a wide range of fields, high technology content, large scale, excellent industrial structure, and good overall benefits.

According to Hong Limin, member of the Standing Committee of the Hebi Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, all counties, districts and departments must firmly establish the concept of project as king, make project services better, and ensure factor guarantees in place to make project construction a green light project; The construction units of each project must adhere to the principle of safety first and quality first, and on the basis of implementing environmental protection requirements, race against time, organize scientifically, and cross-construction to take back losses and delays caused by rainfall to ensure efficient progress in project construction . Editor/He Yuting