Zibo 14th Five-Year Comprehensive Transportation Infrastructure Planning

Seetao 2021.10.15
  • Zibo Transportation Increases and Improves the Construction of Comprehensive Transportation Network

In order to accelerate the realization of the goal of building a strong transportation country, promote the high-quality development of Zibo's economy, promote common prosperity, and advance transportation. On October 14, the Zibo City Government Information Office organized a press conference. Zheng Liangxian, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Zibo Transportation Bureau, issued the 2021 "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Comprehensive Transportation Development in Zibo City." Introduce the basic situation of the preparation of the "Plan", the key tasks and guarantee measures for the comprehensive transportation development of Zibo City during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

The "Fourteenth Five-Year" Comprehensive Transportation Development Plan of Zibo City, as the first five-year action plan for Zibo City to implement the strategy of building a strong transportation country and a strong transportation province, and to build a strong transportation city, Zibo City Government officially issued on September 27 Implement.

The overall objectives of the "Plan" include:

1. Open up the "large arteries" and unblock the "microcirculation". Encrypting and expanding expressways, improving the quality of ordinary trunk lines, and improving the quality and efficiency of rural roads; Xiaoqinghe (Zibo section) is fully reopened; the railway network of "four verticals, six horizontals and two loops" is accelerated, and the "one vertical, one horizontal" urban railway opens and operates , The development of municipal railways is at the forefront of the country; major breakthroughs have been made in the construction of civil transport airports.

2. The transportation service capacity has been greatly improved. Form a "125 external travel circle" with one-hour commute to neighboring cities, two-hour unobstructed access to cities in the province and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and five-hour coverage of major domestic cities; 15 minutes to high-speed for each section of the city, 30 minutes to direct access to neighboring districts and counties, and five districts One county (Huantai County) 60 minutes coverage and 60 minutes from the main urban area to the "city area 15-30-60 travel circle" of Yiyuan County, Gaoqing County; 1 day delivery within the province, 2 days domestic delivery, major international cities 3 "123 Express Cargo Flow Circle" delivered in the same day.

3. The transportation governance system is standardized and efficient. Traffic safety and emergency support capabilities continue to improve, smart transportation is more developed, green transportation is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, the transportation industry is integrated and developed, transportation culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and industry governance capabilities are significantly improved.

Looking forward to 2035, to achieve the goal of building a strong transportation city, to build a modern comprehensive transportation system that is "convenient and smooth, economical and efficient, green and intensive, intelligent and advanced, safe and reliable", and set a good example for the high-quality development of modern cluster cities. The people's sense of happiness and gain in travel has further improved.

In terms of key tasks, the first is to accelerate the construction of an interconnected comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network

1. Construct a multi-network integrated rail network. Strive to plan the construction of Binzi-Lin and Luzhong railway projects, and reserve the optimization and upgrading projects of Zibo-Dongying railway. Make full use of existing railway resources, plan "one vertical, one horizontal and two loops" urban railways, create conditions for the operation of urban trains, and implement the urbanization transformation of Zhangbo and Jiaoji railways in the 14th Five-Year Plan, and strive to extend east to Qingdao and west To Jinan, a new express passenger line for commuting travel will be established. Promote the construction of special railway lines and open up the “one kilometer before and after” railway transportation. At the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the operating mileage of municipal railways reached 105 kilometers, and the operating mileage of special railway lines reached 145 kilometers.

2. Build a new and smooth channel with high efficiency. Implementation of the Xiaoqing River re-navigation project, planning and construction of "One Port, Two Port Areas and Three Operating Areas" (Zibo Port; Huantai Port Area, Gaoqing Port Area; Jingjia, Maqiao, and Huagou Operating Areas), and the construction of Xiaoqing River collection and drainage areas Transportation system to realize the combined transportation of sea and river. At the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the navigable mileage of inland rivers reached 30.7 kilometers, and 14 inland river port berths were built.

3. Improve the extensive and deep road network. Promote the formation of a "two vertical and six horizontal" expressway network, speed up the construction of Zhanhua to Linzi, Jinan to Gaoqing, Jinan to Weifang, Linzi to Linyi expressway projects, start construction of Gaoqing to Shanghe, Zhangqiu to Qingyun, Jiwei Double-track Huantai connecting line expressway project, implement expressway expansion project, and strive to plan and construct Bintai Expressway Pengjia Hub to Zibo West Hub section, Changshen Expressway Dagao to Pengjia Hub section reconstruction and expansion projects. Plan the construction of an urban expressway-two rings and five rays and a freight expressway-a large outer ring of the city to form a "urban traffic protective shell", which separates transit freight traffic from urban traffic. Implement new reconstruction of 158 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial roads and 530 kilometers of large and medium-sized repairs to create a "smooth and comfortable" traffic environment. Implement new reconstruction of rural roads over 1,000 kilometers. At the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, expressways opened to traffic reached 460 kilometers, more than twice that of the past thirty years. Expressways with six lanes and above accounted for 89%; roads opened to traffic reached 11,800 kilometers.

4. Improve the smoothly connected station network. Build a comprehensive smart transportation hub for Zibo Railway Station and accelerate the completion of the transformation of passenger transportation facilities. Carry out the renovation project of Linzi Station and Zhoucun East Station of Jiaoji Railway Station. Optimized the formation of the bus station layout of "34 hubs, 20 depots, and 82 first and last stations", and the bus hubs cover all districts and counties. Speed up the preliminary research of civil transportation airports and the overall layout of general airports, and actively strive for planning and construction.

5. Integration into the economic circle of integrated development. Coordinately promote the connection of the three economic circles of the provincial capital, Jiaodong and southern Shandong, improve the multi-level regional connectivity network, and promote the joint construction and sharing of transportation infrastructure in the economic circle.

The second is to make every effort to build a comprehensive transportation service system that is satisfactory to the people

1. Accelerate the development of passenger transportation. Strive to release the surplus capacity of high-speed railways and passenger trains, and create conditions to increase the number of trains from Zibo to important domestic cities. Develop Zibo's multi-directional integrated passenger and public transportation operations. Explore and promote the transformation and development of passenger stations, break the traditional mode of “waiting for passengers” at passenger stations, develop customized passenger transportation and customized connections, and realize intelligent upgrade of passenger transportation services. Build the brand of interline passenger transport.

2. Speed up the construction of "quality" public transport. Strengthen the integrated development of global public transport, establish a long-term guarantee mechanism for public transport development, and create a national public transport city model city. Improve the matching degree of capacity allocation and travel demand. Develop special services such as customized buses. Realize the "seamless connection and one-card connection" of municipal railways and conventional buses. At the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, there were more than 3,700 public transportation vehicles, the total length of the public transportation network exceeded 7,800 kilometers, the express bus service exceeded 600 kilometers, and 96 kilometers of bus lanes were opened; parade and online taxi reservations were integrated.

3. Speed up the transformation and upgrading of freight transport. Relying on comprehensive transportation channels, the layout of a networked multimodal transportation system. Build a new type of logistics center city, promote the adjustment of the transportation structure by developing multimodal transportation, promote the transportation of bulk cargo, "revolution to railway", "revolution to water" and "distribution to collection", improve the "door-to-door" transportation service capacity, and build the province's public rail water Multimodal transport regional center. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the average annual growth rate of multimodal freight volume exceeded 10%; at the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the logistics cost of industrial enterprises dropped by about 5%.

4. Promote the integrated development of "transport +". "Transport + Tourism", centering on the tourism resources of the "three areas and one belt", build a "fast forward and slow travel" global tourism transportation network to open up the "last mile" to tourist attractions. At the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the city's 3A and above scenic spots will be accessible by third-class highways. It is planned to open tourist bus lines, expand the coverage of one-yuan bus tourist attractions, and create special railway tourist lines such as Zhangbo, Jiaoji and Xintai.

"Transportation + Logistics". Coordinate the integrated development of "passenger, cargo, post, network and road", make full use of the advantages of highway network and service area infrastructure, build a smart logistics port in the service area and a logistics network along the road; scientifically plan the layout of rural logistics network nodes, and build "a little more" The development of rural logistics based on energy, one network with multiple uses, and resource sharing will unblock the channels for agricultural products to enter cities, agricultural production materials and farmers’ consumer goods to the countryside.

"Transportation + Manufacturing". Support the transportation equipment manufacturing industry to extend the service chain and promote the application of modern equipment in the transportation field. Vigorously develop the transportation intelligent equipment industry, promote the development of unmanned aerial vehicles and intelligent networked automobile industries, cultivate industrial alliances, and create industrial clusters.

"Transportation + Regional Economy". Explore the allocation of related operating resources such as resource development rights and land development rights for major transportation projects, promote the integrated development of transportation corridors, commerce, and parks, and enhance the overall benefits of transportation projects. Explore the comprehensive development and utilization of transportation facilities, and use existing stations, service areas or the comprehensive development of surrounding land as the carrier to enrich the industrial and commercial functions of transportation facilities, and build urban living rooms.

5. Improve convenience and benefit services. Actively cultivate "chain operation" auto fast repair service. Realize the full coverage of the city's driving school's service model of "time training and hourly charging, first training and then paying" service mode. Create a "driver's home" network and continuously improve the level of operation and service. Strengthen the improvement of the road area environment and create a convenient and comfortable transportation service environment.

The third is to strive to improve the industry's high-quality sustainable development capabilities

1. Build a new pattern of safety emergency. Implement safety production responsibilities. Improve safety supervision capabilities. Strengthen the construction of emergency support.

2. Cultivate new momentum for digital transportation. Build a digital transportation "brain", explore application scenarios and data fusion and innovative applications around "roads, vehicles, people, goods, and fields", realize the "one-screen view" of the city's transportation big data, and promote the resolution of industry management difficulties and pain points , Support the innovative development of new business forms and new models, and comprehensively improve the level of comprehensive command and dispatch, risk prevention and early warning, incident response and handling, and service scientific decision-making in the transportation field.

3. Promote the new development of green transportation. Fully implement the carbon peak and carbon neutral strategy, and focus on clean transportation. At the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan", 100% of new and updated freight vehicles have reached the fuel consumption limit standard, new and updated buses and new energy vehicles accounted for 100%, and new and updated parade taxis and clean energy and new energy The car accounted for 100%.

4. Speed up the modernization of industry governance. Build an efficient service-oriented department. Create a market-oriented, legalized transportation business environment. Improve the social co-governance system and build a credit transportation model city. Create a comprehensive law enforcement brand for transportation. Strengthen the construction of talent team. Inherit the innovative transportation culture.

Infrastructure investment is gradually picking up after the epidemic has been brought under control. These transportation developments are enough to cause major changes in Zibo in the next five years. Editor/Xu Shengpeng