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8.4 billion! China Railway Construction Consortium wins large Shandong order

Seetao 2021.10.15
  • The completion of the project will promote the optimization of urban spatial structure and the improvement of quality

On October 14, 2021, the Weifang Public Credit Trading Center issued the announcement of the candidates for the bid for the urban renewal and Jiaohe Ecological Governance EOD project of Lingang New City (Western District) of Gaomi City. The China Railway Construction Consortium won the bid for the Shandong large order, with a total project investment of 84.14. 100 million yuan.

Project Overview

The cooperation scope of this project is about 3.24 square kilometers, including 11 Central Business District, Dengjiazhuang, Didong, Xiangyun, Petroleum Company, Hongtai Wood, Rongji, Di Dongxi, Zhangjia Balizhuang, Shenjia Balizhuang and Tianda, etc. Blocks, and Jiaohe River Basin (urban section). The main development content includes Jiaohe ecological management, municipal road and bridge construction, resettlement housing construction, public service supporting facilities construction, land acquisition, demolition and consolidation, etc. Keywords: central enterprises, engineering news

See the road network to congratulate China Railway Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Suzhou Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway 25th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway The consortium of Construction Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction South Investment Co., Ltd., and China Railway Construction Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. welcomes the order! Editor/Sang Xiaomei