3.4 billion! The construction of Wuhan rail transit is bidding!

Seetao 2021.10.15
  • The completion of the project will promote the economic and social development of Wuhan

On October 13, 2021, Wuhan Public Resources Trading Center issued a bidding announcement for the first phase of Wuhan Rail Transit Xingang Line. The bidder was Wuhan Metro Group Co., Ltd., with a total investment of approximately 3.4 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The first phase of the Xingang Line starts at Gongye 4th Road Station in Yangchunhu Area, runs along Mingde Road, Qingwang Road, Qinghua Road, and ends at Baiyushan Station. The line is 10.71 kilometers long and has 5 stations, all of which are underground. In the new Tiepuling Depot, the main substation is shared with the Luobuzui main substation of Line 19, using the National Expo Control Center.

The investment in the first tender section of the project is about 896 million yuan; the investment in the second tender section is about 1.44 million yuan; and the investment in the third tender section is about 1.076 million yuan. The planned construction period is 900 calendar days.

The bidding is divided into 3 bid sections; the first bid section Beiyangqiao Station (open-cut station), Beiyangqiao Station~Wuhan Railway Station (shield and open-cut section), Wuhan Railway Station (open-cut station), Wuhan Railway Station~Tiepuling Station (shield and open cut section), a total of 2 stations and 2 sections; the second tender section Tiepuling Station (open cut station), Tiepuling Station access section (open cut and U-shaped section) Channel), Tiepuling Station ~ Wanjiazui Station (shield section), a total of 1 station, 1 section, 1 entry and exit line; the third bid section Wanjiazui Station (excavation station), Wanjiazui Station ~ Baiyushan Station (Shield tunneling section), Baiyushan Station (open-cut station), a total of 2 stations and 1 section.

Bidding document application submission

Anyone who intends to apply for pre-qualification (if it is a consortium application, refers to all members of the consortium), should register in the bidding transaction system of the Wuhan public resources trading platform and apply for a CA digital certificate. After completing the registration, the bidding applicant will download the pre-qualification documents by logging in to the "Municipal Electronic Trading Platform" via the Internet from 17:00 on October 13, 2021 to 17:00 on October 19, 2021. The deadline for uploading prequalification application documents is at 10:00 on October 25, 2021. Editor/Sang Xiaomei