boarding! The old driver tells you the correct way to open the hammer

Seetao 2021.10.18
  • This issue of Komatsu Lecture Hall will continue to add to you the correct way to open the hydraulic breaker in the vehicle

Breaking hammer is one of the most commonly used attachments for excavators, and is often used in mines, municipalities, and urban construction. During the construction process, if the breaking hammer is used improperly, it will not only delay the construction period, but also easily damage the breaker. So what is the correct way to open the hydraulic breaker? Now, please fasten your seat belts, the old driver is about to start!

First of all, the breaking hammer cannot be started in the suspended state. Before the operation, the steel drill must be vertically pressed on the broken object and maintain a certain pressure before breaking. During construction, if abnormal vibration of the hose is found, the operation should be stopped immediately. And contact Komatsu's local agent for processing.

If you ignore it and continue construction, it may cause damage to the accumulator and hydraulic pump. It should also be noted here that the excavator cylinder must not be fully extended during crushing, and the material must not be impacted by dropping the breaker, otherwise it may damage the hydraulic excavator and the breaker.

Secondly, if you encounter hard and large pieces of material, starting from the edge is the key to improving work efficiency. After the material is broken, the impact of the breaker should be stopped immediately to avoid harmful "empty hitting". As the hydraulic oil temperature rises, the oil seal will be damaged, so continuous blows for more than 1 minute cannot be performed.

Finally, the breaker is only used for crushing operations. Forcibly changing the purpose of the attachment will also cause "injury"~ Many users may use the breaker as a pry bar to move or hook the material after being broken. The above method will cause a certain degree of damage to the excavator and the breaker.


After the construction is over, when the maintenance starts. The old drivers will do three more things after the crushing operation is over. One is to check whether there is oil leakage in various hoses, and replace the hydraulic oil and filter element regularly. In the case of 50% use of the breaker, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced every 1000 hours, and the filter element (hydraulic oil filter element/PPC circuit filter element/breaker return filter element) needs to be replaced every 250 hours.

Second, close the shut-off valve, remove the hose, and block the inlet with a plug to prevent dust from intruding. Remove the chisel and place the sleeper at the rear end to tilt it.

Third, spray anti-rust agent on the surface of the breaker and wrap it with waterproof paper or rain cloth to make waterproof measures. Having a good understanding of the above points and applying what you have learned is the road to advancement from the new to the old driver. Have you learned it? Editor/Sang Xiaomei