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1GW! OWC wins offshore wind power contract in Taiwan

Seetao 2021.10.20
  • The OWC won the Taiwan contract this time, which will promote the precise connection between the innovationchainand the industrial chain

Recently, OffshoreWindConsultants (OWC) has been appointed as one of the owner engineers of Taiwan Hailong offshore wind power project. The company will provide technical consulting and coordination services for the entire development and construction phase of a 1 GW wind farm located 50-70 kilometers from the coast of Taiwan.

Taiwan offshore wind power project

Hailong’s location in the Taiwan Strait provides some of the best wind resources in the Asia-Pacific region. We look forward to contributing to making the development and expansion phase as cost-effective as possible," said Amy Dowdeswell, deputy manager of OWC Taiwan and project manager of the Hailong project. The contract with OWC follows the contract awarded to Mott McDonald last month.

The first and second phases of bidding for offshore wind power in Taiwan were held in 2018. Seven developers/investors won projects with a total scale of 5.5GW, and the implementation period is from 2019 to 2025. The 10GW development capacity of the third stage will be implemented in two parts, namely 5GW from 2026 to 2030, and 5GW from 2031 to 2035. The two phases will be tendered separately. Among them, the first part of 5GW may be tendered at the end of this year or early next year. This 5GW may give priority to some 4.5GW projects that have failed bidding in the previous two stages but have obtained environmental permits. However, these projects will not only reduce the capacity on the basis of the previous bidding, but the electricity price will inevitably be lower than the previous two stages. It is estimated that in 5GW, the ratio of failed bids in the previous two stages to new projects is about 1:1. Keywords: engineering construction, engineering news

The offshore wind power industry has the characteristics of strong technological leadership, large economic volume and high industrial relevance. Taking the development of offshore wind power as an opportunity, promote key common technologies, cutting-edge leading technologies, modern engineering technologies, and disruptive technological innovations, so as to cultivate new competitive industries and form new industrial competitive advantages based on the world's cutting-edge technologies and economies of scale.Editor/XingWentao,Design/XiaChangwang