New Energy

Dabieshan million kilowatts new energy base project starts construction

Seetao 2021.10.20
  • After the project is put into construction, it will increase local taxes and promote local labor and employment

On October 15, 2021, the Hubei Provincial Energy Administration issued the "Notice on Announcement of 2021 Cheap New Energy Projects". The Macheng Multi-energy Complementary One Million Kilowatt New Energy Base Project declared by China Power Dabieshan Power Generation was approved, marking the project It was officially included in the list of new energy million kilowatt base projects in Hubei Province, and successfully achieved the 400,000 kilowatt construction target in 2021.

The Macheng Multi-energy Complementary Million-kilowatt New Energy Base Project is a supporting project for the company’s flexible transformation of coal-fired generating units with new peak-shaving capacity. It utilizes existing conventional power sources, rationally configures new energy bases, and strengthens the flexible adjustment function of the power source. Optimize the power supply ratio and ensure the sustainability of the power supply base. The project is connected to the Hubei power grid through the company’s 500kV transmission channel. It is jointly funded by China Electric Power and Macheng Energy Investment and Development Company. The planned construction capacity is 1.3 million kilowatts. The total investment is about 7.16 billion yuan. Construction will start in 2021.

China Power Dabieshan Power Generation is the first company in Hubei Province to propose a "multi-energy complementary" project. The implementation of the multi-energy complementary million-kilowatt new energy base project is of great significance to the implementation of China's "3060" target, assisting the group company's "2035 first-class strategy", and promoting the strategic transformation of China's power industry. After the project is put into construction, it will increase local taxes and drive local labor employment, and help the economic and social development of the old revolutionary base in Dabie Mountain. Editor/Sang Xiaomei