Israel launches national plan to deal with climate crisis

Seetao 2021-10-29 15:22
  • Israel held a cabinet meeting, at which the prime minister proposed to introduce a national plan to deal with the future climate crisis
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Recently, the Israeli cabinet meeting adopted the national plan proposed by Prime Minister NAFTA libenet, energy minister Karin al Harar and Environmental Protection Minister Tamar zanderberg to deal with climate change.

The plan mainly encourages scientific and technological innovation and infrastructure construction in relevant fields. Within the framework of the plan, the director of the Israeli Prime Minister's office will lead the establishment of two working groups, one will strive to promote technology research and development to reduce and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, and the other will focus on resisting extreme natural disasters such as fires and floods, At the same time, the director of the prime minister's office will also be responsible for establishing a support system to encourage investment in technology R & D in relevant fields, such as the establishment of bilateral R & D funds.

According to the plan, the Israeli Prime Minister's office will add infrastructure construction in the field of climate and greenhouse gas emission reduction to the infrastructure development plan issued every year. The ministers of the Ministry of energy, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of economy and industry, and the Ministry of innovation and science and technology will submit work suggestions on climate technology innovation to the cabinet. The suggestions will include encouraging academic and industrial research, identifying areas of national importance, expanding financing solutions and risk management systems, and promoting joint actions of various ministries and commissions. The prime minister's office, the Ministry of energy, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of economy and industry and the Ministry of agriculture will establish a prime minister's Committee on climate technology and innovation. Key words: foreign news, foreign engineering, International Construction News

In addition, the Israeli cabinet meeting also adopted a number of resolutions to deal with the climate crisis, including the resolution on the energy streamlining plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which provides financial support for industry, commerce and local governments, and the resolution on clean and low-carbon transportation, which vigorously turns to the use of public transportation and promotes the electronization of public transportation, Resolutions on accelerating infrastructure construction aimed at promoting energy regeneration and encouraging technological innovation to encourage research and development of relevant technologies.Editor/XuNing