Tianneng's first batch of fuel cell engine systems rolled off the assembly line

Seetao 2021-11-01 17:41
  • This time off the assembly line is the hydrogen fuel cell engine system for Tianneng T series buses
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On the morning of October 29, 2021, Tianneng's first batch of 8 sets of fuel cell engine systems for buses officially rolled off the assembly line. These products will be packed and shipped to the Geely commercial vehicle production base in Nanchong County, Sichuan.

The hydrogen fuel cell engine system for Tianneng T series buses, model T62-C-B02, is off the assembly line this time. It is equipped with Tianneng Hydrogen Energy’s self-developed stack with a rated power of 62kW. It is a model designed for Geely commercial vehicles. Tailor-made hydrogen fuel cell system with high safety, high intelligence and long battery life. After supporting the application of Geely bus products, the performance is excellent, with 0 carbon emissions, hydrogenation for 5 minutes, battery life of over 500km, and stack life of more than 10,000 hours. The fuel cell system only discharges water when running, which is green and environmentally friendly, and has strong power. , Compatible with most models on the market, can be mass-produced, suitable for a variety of vehicle applications such as buses, passenger cars and light logistics vehicles.

"Independent product research and development, iterative upgrades from project initiation to pilot off-line testing lasted 12 months. The localization rate of spare parts was as high as 90%. After the iterative upgrade, the hydrogen consumption was reduced by 18% compared with the previous generation system. It owns more than 20 patents and has strong power. , Energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection.” said Xiang Decheng, director of system technology of Tianneng Hydrogen Energy Company.

This is the in-depth cooperation between Tianneng and Geely in the areas of product development, technical cooperation, demonstration operations, and market expansion. At present, Tianneng’s pilot production capacity can reach 300 sets a year, and a 1,000-set production line is under construction and is expected to be put into operation next year.

Tianneng insists on technological innovation, deeply promotes the industrial development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell, and cooperates with many mainstream auto companies in China. The self-developed high-performance TNFC-LP2020 model water-cooled reactor product has been tested and verified by Dean Power's uninterrupted product. After that, it has officially matched the FCV 6-seater sightseeing car of Deran Power and carried out demonstration operation at the Jiaxing base; Nanjing Jinlong NJL6106 product model fuel cell low-entry city bus equipped with Tianneng T60-C hydrogen fuel cell system was selected as the 345th batch of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. List of "Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products". Editor/Sang Xiaomei