Changsha exhibition "runs into the sea" at the CIIE

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  • Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition wrote the most vivid footnote with a more open attitude
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From November 5 to 10, 2021, the 4th China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai as scheduled. On the first day of the CIIE, the world's first press conference of the 2023 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition was also held on the banks of the Huangpu River, which played the "main theme" of the Changsha Exhibition Organizing Committee such as Shanghai. The industrial iron current from the banks of the Xiangjiang River will rush into the sea at the head of the Huangpu River, welcoming a broader stage of the world.

The current global epidemic has not stopped, and the economies of all countries are generally down. The Chinese market, which is rapidly recovering from the impact of the epidemic, has allowed countless overseas companies to see the unlimited potential of investment in China. China is becoming a "safe haven" for global corporate development and investment.

As one of the few large-scale international economic and trade exchange events to be held as scheduled in 2021, the current CIIE has become an excellent stage to showcase the strength of the “big power weapon”.

Under such a background, Hunan today vigorously implements the "three highs and four new" strategy, accelerates the release of the reform dividends of the free trade zone, and strives to create an ideal town for domestic and foreign construction machinery enterprises to seek investment development and industrial cooperation. At the press conference, Shen Yumou, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, concluded: “Hunan will provide you with a broader development with a mind-to-heart, thoughtful and meticulous service, high-quality and comprehensive management, and incentive policies. space!"

The "four-leaf clover" blooms as scheduled, making the Chinese market the center of world attention, and making the technological progress and coordinated development of the Changsha construction machinery industry the focus of the world's attention. The future Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will surely become a world-class level. The exquisite exhibition has made a unique contribution to promoting the prosperity and development of the global construction machinery industry.

Extraordinary event

Industry exhibitions, especially professional exhibitions, often contain strong industrial attributes, and are even related to a country's industry status and industry image. The Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition has taken "promoting the healthy and coordinated development of the construction machinery industry" as its mission since its inception. The past two Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibitions have used "intelligent new generation construction machinery" as the theme. It aims to promote the exchange, improvement and cooperation of global projects, and the industry has received enthusiastic response.

In 2021, Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition is the world's largest construction machinery industry exhibition of the year. The transaction amount at the exhibition site has reached 40 billion yuan, and the amount of domestic and foreign supporting parts contracted by host companies on site reached 19.6 billion yuan. In addition, during the exhibition, the China Construction Industry Association organized a "Construction Safety and Machinery (Professional) Expert Work Experience Exchange Meeting" with more than 300 people to commend and summarize the typical and experience of mechanical equipment safety management in construction; In the field of engineering application, a series of industry academic conferences such as China Highway Society, China Foreign Contractors Association, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronics, "One Belt One Road" infrastructure construction, engineering construction equipment technology and management innovation, etc. almost cover the application of construction machinery in engineering Of all aspects.

At the same time, in order to encourage construction machinery enterprises to innovate and release new technologies and new products at the exhibition, the organizing committee awarded Zoomlion’s four-axle 62-meter pump truck, Liugong's 856E-MAX electric wheel loader, and Sany Heavy Industry 16 products including unmanned road complete technology and other 16 products "Golden Gear Innovation Technology" award; 12 products including Railway Construction Heavy Industry's 16-meter super large diameter mud balance shield machine, Sunward Intelligent 5G intelligent aerial work platform, Liebherr 5G technology excavator It won the "Golden Gear Excellent Product" award set by the organizing committee.

With the active participation of more and more industry giants and academic elites, the Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition has been built as a brand-new platform for exchanges and cooperation among enterprises in the construction machinery industry chain, middle and downstream enterprises, and government, enterprise, academic, and research institutions. The brand-new business card promotes the deep integration of Hunan's construction machinery industry into the global machinery industry chain.

Hunan ushered in a bright moment

In April 2021, General Secretary Xi issued an important instruction to "strive to build the country's important advanced manufacturing highland" during an inspection in Hunan. As one of the three world-class industrial clusters that Hunan will focus on building, construction machinery is now ushering in unprecedented development opportunities.

In 2021, the dark clouds of the new crown epidemic will still loom overseas, the international economic situation is severe, and the pace of investment and development of many multinational companies has slowed; on the other hand, the rapidly recovering Chinese market provides excellent industrial development opportunities for domestic companies. Under the new development pattern in which the domestic big cycle is the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other, the construction machinery industry in Hunan Province is developing at a rapid pace. According to statistics, from January to July, 177 enterprises above designated size in the construction machinery industry in Hunan Province completed 114.25 billion yuan in revenue, a year-on-year increase of 27.0%; total profits were 9.87 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.7%.

In this context, the success of the Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition is not only to promote the innovation and development of domestic construction machinery, but also to provide a unique platform for global construction machinery companies to further expand cooperation space and exchanges. Huang Xuegong, chief engineer of the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, emphasized at the press conference: "The soul of the development of construction machinery lies in openness. Through the exhibition, new products, new technologies, and new construction methods from the global construction machinery industry are brought together. The exchange of experience and skills will surely promote the industry’s accelerated innovation and development under the new situation, thereby accelerating the industry’s transformation and upgrading, and achieving higher-quality and higher-level development."

During the current CIIE, the "appearance" of the Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition is only the beginning. The 2023 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition with the theme of "Intelligent New Generation Construction Machinery" has set sail. It will be held at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 12th to 15th, 2023! The exhibition will open its doors with the concept of "globalization, internationalization, and specialization" to welcome the attention and participation of industry professionals at home and abroad.

The future development pattern of the world will never fade out of the closed domestic cycle, but a more open domestic and international double cycle! This is not only required for the development of China's own industry, but also the only way for the global construction machinery industry to move towards a prosperous future. Regarding this consensus, Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition wrote the most vivid footnote with a more open attitude, and in the future, it will also make a unique "Changsha Voice" on the world stage.Editor/Baohongying