Hydrogen energy is officially on track, the development is just right

Seetao 2021-11-22 16:05
  • How to choose the development direction of the hydrogen energy industry requires in-depth research and exploration and practice
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Hydrogen energy has the advantages of clean, pollution-free, storable, and convenient conversion of various energy sources. Major countries in the world are committed to achieving energy transformation. Many companies are also actively promoting hydrogen energy technology research and development, hoping to occupy the technology and market in the field of hydrogen energy. First opportunity. Hydrogen energy is a kind of secondary energy. It is produced by using other energy sources in a certain way, and has gradually become a large-scale industry in the global renewable energy production.

Large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy can generate electricity and produce hydrogen. Traditional energy sources produce relatively more carbon dioxide during the application process. As a zero-carbon emission fuel, hydrogen energy can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve environmental problems, reduce the impact of global warming, and contribute to green, low-carbon and sustainable development. . In recent years, due to the excessive development of non-renewable energy, the world is facing a serious energy crisis. If you cannot find abundant, clean and safe new energy sources, global industrial production and people's lives will be greatly affected. Hydrogen energy can be regenerated and clean and safe. It can be produced from fossil fuels and hydrolyzed by renewable energy. It is more convenient to store and transport, and it will not cause environmental pollution in transportation and heating. It can be produced by energy carriers and The circular carbon economy can achieve sustainable hydrogen utilization and greatly alleviate the current global energy crisis.

China attaches great importance to the development of the new energy industry. As an important development direction of new energy, the hydrogen energy industry is in a period of rapid development. From the central to the local level, the planning and layout of the hydrogen energy industry are in full swing. For example, a national-level industrial alliance-China Hydrogen Energy Alliance has been established, and corresponding policy and economic support has been given, and the support has been gradually increased. In the context of actively responding to the dual-carbon goals, governments and companies in various regions have set their sights on the hydrogen energy field. At present, more than 20 provincial-level cities and more than 40 prefecture-level cities in China have launched more than 60 hydrogen energy industry plans. It is foreseeable that hydrogen energy, as an important part of clean energy in the future, will play an important role in new energy consumption, transportation, and carbon emission reduction.

The development of the hydrogen energy industry can effectively alleviate the energy security issues facing China and is an important choice for replacing fossil energy and achieving carbon neutrality. In-depth development of hydrogen energy can promote China's energy transition, green development and response to global climate change. But in the development, it also faces many problems. For example, China currently has many energy projects, but the number of hydrogen energy companies is relatively small, and the capital and technical support invested in the hydrogen energy industry are relatively limited. The hydrogen energy industry is still in the early stage of development, and industrial development is still facing many difficulties. For example, the basic research strength of hydrogen energy in China's science and technology field is relatively weak, and there are not many original innovations. In the industrial chain, there are fewer hydrogen quality, storage and transportation, hydrogen refueling stations, and safety standards. Important testing equipment such as hydrogen quality testing and hydrogen leakage is lacking. An authoritative testing and certification body has not yet been formed.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is a typical example. In recent years, the Chinese science and technology community has paid great attention to the development of hydrogen fuel cells, and breakthroughs have been made in the development of key materials and core technologies. However, key parts and components mainly rely on imports, and there is still a significant gap between the preparation process of key components and the international leading level, and there are phenomena such as weak core technologies. In terms of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, and hydrogen use, the technologies are still immature, insufficient infrastructure construction, and high overall costs restrict large-scale commercial operation.

The development of modern science and technology and the maturity of the industry cannot rely solely on oneself, but should have an open mind and serve me with international intellectual resources. In strengthening international cooperation in hydrogen energy, attention should be paid to strategies and methods to achieve win-win cooperation.

First, deepen the current hydrogen energy cooperation relationship. At present, China and some countries have launched a certain amount of hydrogen energy cooperation, and have achieved certain results. However, the hydrogen energy strategic cooperation between China and the corresponding countries is in the initial stage of development. Most of the services provided by foreign countries are infrastructure construction and other services, and the support for China's hydrogen energy technology is relatively lacking. In cooperation, we should pay more attention to the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation of technology, especially advanced technology.

At the same time, in cooperation, we should make use of our respective advantages to form complementarity. For example, in terms of hydrogen energy, China has unique advantages such as abundant renewable energy and water resources, Russia has huge hydrogen resources and export channels, France has advantages in industrial gas production and service companies, and Japan is a global hydrogen resource. A country where research and application are more complete. By continuously deepening the hydrogen energy strategic cooperation relationship between countries, it can promote in-depth exchanges in a broader field of technology, achieve effective cooperation at a higher level, and realize the continuous upgrading and optimization of hydrogen energy industry technology.

Second, build an international hydrogen energy cooperation platform. During the development of the hydrogen energy industry, the problems encountered by countries are different. Through friendly exchanges and cooperation, it can help countries find effective solutions. On the basis of strengthening cooperation between countries, cooperation between enterprises should also be encouraged. To this end, China should actively build and improve an international, multi-level hydrogen energy industry cooperation and exchange platform. Through the cooperation and exchange platform, explore the problems encountered in the development of the hydrogen energy industry and explore effective solutions, strengthen cooperation, resource sharing, and mutual assistance to promote the development of the new energy industry in the country and the world. Through effective international cooperation, the hydrogen energy industry will have an inflection point ahead of time, ushering in a period of opportunity for rapid development.

Finally, strengthen the interpretation of foreign hydrogen energy policies. International cooperation in the hydrogen energy industry involves the hydrogen energy policies of various countries, and the effective support of national policies is the basic prerequisite for the continued development of international cooperation and an important cornerstone for future development. During the development of the hydrogen energy industry, China should pay more attention to the development of the international market, flexibly adjust its external hydrogen energy policy, truly realize the research and development, promotion and application of clean energy, and help the sustainable development of domestic and foreign hydrogen energy industry cooperation.

In addition, energy research institutions and energy companies should pay full attention to the building and training of internationalization capabilities in the development process, closely follow up on domestic and foreign hydrogen energy technology and industrial development trends, learn advanced international policy experience, strengthen technological innovation and cooperation in achievements, and improve research Quality, publish results reports in both Chinese and English, and promote the interpretation of international hydrogen energy policies.

The global hydrogen energy industry is in the early stage of rapid development, and policy support is crucial to the early development of the hydrogen energy industry. By seizing opportunities in the hydrogen energy industry and expanding the scale of global projects using hydrogen energy, hydrogen energy will play an important role in the energy transition and help multiple industries achieve decarbonization goals. It is foreseeable that as China formulates a sound hydrogen energy development strategy and further promotes hydrogen energy international cooperation, the global influence of hydrogen energy will continue to expand, and the development of the hydrogen energy industry is expected to enter a rapid development track, helping China’s "dual carbon" goal Achieve as soon as possible. Editor/Sang Xiaomei