Construction of the first A-type China standardized subway train starts

Seetao 2021-11-24 16:52
  • After the serialization of China's standard subway trains is put into use, it will promote the development of urban rail transit
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Recently, the first 120km/h Type A China Standardized Metro Demonstration Project Train was officially started in the Urban Rail Carbody Workshop of the Carbody Division of CRRC.

In order to break through key core technologies and create a “standardized” subway train platform that meets China’s needs and is technologically advanced, CRRC, China Urban Rail Transit Association, various subway companies, scientific research institutions and cooperative units have jointly implemented major national technical equipment research Engineering project-a series of Chinese standard subway train development and test projects, a total of 4 types of vehicles, including 80 kilometers per hour A and B, and 120 kilometers per hour A and B.

According to reports, the serialization of Chinese standard subway trains is China's latest independent innovation in the subway field, and represents the future technological development direction of domestic subways. Among them, CRRC Zhuji Co., Ltd. takes the lead in the development of the 120km/h A-type Chinese standard subway train.

The design principle of China's standard subway train project is "Nine Modernizations and Two Improvements". Aiming at the current shortcomings of some key components, we have conducted independent research and development and manufacturing of 30 components that rely on imports, and achieved all independent research and development including core technologies and key components.

China's urban rail transit has developed for many years and has formed a relatively complete industrial chain with independent intellectual property rights. However, there are many different requirements for subway vehicles between cities and lines. It is difficult for the same type of vehicles to be interconnected, and the interchangeability of vehicle parts is not high. The most notable feature of China's standard subway trains is the unified standard, which achieves standardization from parts and components to complete trains.

According to the relevant person in charge of CRRC, with the idea of standardization, modularization, and serialization, by continuously strengthening independent technological innovation, establishing an open, innovative, collaborative, and sharing platform, the degree of standardization and generalization of parts and components can be greatly improved. Making subway trains is like building blocks, which can greatly shorten the development cycle, produce high-efficiency and high-quality, reduce user costs, meet user needs, and improve the technical level and core competitiveness of my country's urban rail transit equipment.

Uniform standards

The project is led by Chinese standards. At present, the domestic urban rail transit has not yet formed a complete standard system. A large number of international, foreign, national and industry standards are adopted in the product bidding, design and development, and manufacturing processes, but they are not systematic, appropriate, standardized, and lack effective guidance. The "China Standard" coverage of the China Standard Metro Train Project has reached over 85%, and the rest adopts international standards and advanced foreign standards.

By unifying the technical specifications of various components and systems of vehicles, unifying 423 technical standards, a technical standard system for urban rail vehicles has been formed, which provides effective standard support for guiding and regulating the construction of urban rail transit industry. Editor/He Yuting