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8 billion! The result of winning the bid for the Lianshan-Hezhou Highway is here

Seetao 2021-11-29 11:48
  • The construction of the project will promote the development and utilization of resources and promote local poverty alleviation
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On November 26, 2021, Guangxi Public Resources Trading Center issued a public announcement of candidates for bidding for the Lianshan-Hezhou Highway (Guangxi Section) project. Guangxi Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Communications Investment Trading Co., Ltd. consortium won the bid, and the estimated total investment 8 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The project plan simulates Jianlianshan-Hezhou Highway (Guangxi Section). The project is located in Lianshan County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province and Babu District, Hezhou City, Guangxi Province. , About 6.5 kilometers long, the starting point of the recommended route plan for the Guangxi section is 1.5 kilometers west of Chenwu Village, Futang Town, Lianshan, Guangdong. Nanxiang Town, Huangdong Yao Township, and Liantang Town, ending in the vicinity of Toutang in the north of Hejie Town, connected to G78 Guanghe Expressway. The main line of the Guangxi section is about 47.477 kilometers long. It adopts the standard construction of two-way four-lane expressway. The design speed is 100km/h and the roadbed width is 26.0 meters. The Nanxiang and Hejie North exits are set up on the whole line, and the Hezhou branch of Yonghe Expressway is located near Tanchong. To connect, the terminal is connected with Hezhou South Hub Interchange and G78 Guanghe Expressway. This project has 3 interchanges, 2 service areas, 2 ramp toll stations, and 1 main line toll station. The project simultaneously constructs 5.99 kilometers of Nanxiang first-level road connecting line. The project is scheduled to start construction in December 2021, and it is planned to adopt the BOT model to form a project company by the bid-winning project investor to franchise the project.

Winning bid result

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